March 14, 2016
'A Hologram For The King' Trailer Starring Tom Hanks Generates Buzz After Its Release

A Hologram for the King starring Tom Hanks might be the box-office hit that returns the Oscar-winning actor to the spotlight of great comedy films.

The first official trailer for the film was released earlier this week and has received quite a few positive comments from fans and critics alike.

What is A Hologram for the King about in the first place?

According to NME, the story focuses on Tom Hanks' character - a "struggling IT consultant hoping to gain the contract for a massive new...Saudi Arabian business complex." The film, which was directed by Tom Tykwer, was actually filmed on set in such countries as Germany, Egypt and Morocco.

More information about the film was reportedly revealed in the movie's official description, according to the same report.

"In Tom Tykwer's wryly comic adaptation of Dave Eggers' novel, Tom Hanks stars as a struggling American businessman who travels to Saudi Arabia to sell a new technology to the King, only to be challenged by endless Middle Eastern bureaucracy, a perpetually absent monarch, and a suspicious growth on his back."
A Hologram for the King allows Tom Hanks to return to what he is great at doing: creating humorous movies with an emotionally-stirring core. Perhaps that is exactly what Hollywood needs from him in 2016.

The movie is actually based on the popular Dave Eggers novel of the same name.

During an interview with the New Yorker, Eggers was able to dive a little deeper into the background of the story, along with how he was able to come up with the idea to write it.
"It started with thinking about this businessman, Alan Clay. He'd been kicking around in my head for a couple years—his state of mind, his background, his place in the economy and in his life. He was a salesman, and was then in manufacturing, and like so many in that line of work, his place now is unclear, his expertise superfluous. I always knew the book would find him adrift, but when I heard about the King Abdullah Economic City, it seemed inevitable that Alan would be there, not exactly knowing why, but waiting for the king to determine his fate."
While conducting background research for the book, Eggers stated that he had a chance to visit Saudi Arabia. When asked if he would like to return to the country, he replied "I hope so." Eggers further explained that he "met a lot of great people in Saudi Arabia," and would like to seem them again. In addition to reuniting with those individuals, he would also "love to spend more time in the desert and in the mountains."

Chances are that the potential box-office success of the movie adaptation of A Hologram for the King will draw even more attention to Dave Eggers and his novel. According to IMDB, the film will reach theaters on April 22, 2016.

Tom Hanks is set to have a solid year on the big-screen in 2016 with at least four theatrical releases.

In addition to A Hologram for the King, Hanks will also star in the Clint Eastwood-directed film Sully, Inferno and The Circle. In addition to his acting career, his career as a producer is likely to enjoy another hit movie with the highly-anticipated My Big Fat Greek Wedding sequel is released later this year as well.

[Image Credit: Handout/Getty Images]