Amazing Dog News: Animal Rescuers Save Trapped Canine, GoFundMe Raises Thousands For Malnourished Bulldog

Animal Aid Unlimited volunteers will stop at nothing to save an animal in need of help.

Whether they have to crawl into small, dirty spaces, or scale walls to rescue an animal, the group will use whatever means necessary to save an animal in danger. However, when a male dog was trapped in a deep well, the rescuers had to use unusual tactics to protect him, according to the Dodo.

In India, a dog somehow found his way to the bottom of a deep, crumbling well with no way out. The dog huddled into a hole in the well’s corner, waiting for someone to notice his dilemma.

Eventually, Animal Aid Unlimited received word about the dog, and they were quick to rush to his assistance. Nonetheless, the group of volunteers soon realized that saving the dog by lowering someone into the well by a rope would be unsafe.

Not wanting to abandon the dog, the group of volunteers had to find a bit of help. Eventually, the group enlisted the help of a crane truck to lower carefully one its members into the well.

At first, the dog was terrified and hid in the well’s corner, but the volunteer soon gained the animal’s trust and secured him in a net.

Though saving the dog took longer than usual, the animal and rescuer were safely returned to the surface.

Without the help of Animal Aid Unlimited, and its many volunteers, it is possible that the dog would have remained in the hole forever, never returning to solid ground.

Adam Clark, a resident of the Pinellas Park, Florida, discovered a malnourished dog in front of his business recently. After seeing how sickly the dog was, Clark rushed the animal to a local animal hospital and spent hundreds of dollars for the dog’s care. Now, Clark is asking for help in caring for the dog and finding him a forever home.

According to Life With Dogs, the male bulldog, now named Andray, is estimated to be between 5- and 7-years-old. Andray was found in front of the 3900th block of 118th Avenue N. when Clark found him.

When Andray was found, he was in bad shape; according to police reports, the dog had irritated skin across his body, overgrown toenails, and chain or collar marks around his neck. Additionally, it looked like it had been a long time since he had seen his last meal.

According to Clark, he could not pass by the dog after seeing him in that state of malnourishment. Immediately, he called animal control to come and get Andray, but Clark was worried that the dog would end up being a lost cause.

“They pretty much said that they were going to, there was no hope for him, and they were just going to put him down. I asked him if I could take him to my vet first and see if that’s true, because if there was nothing terminal, I wanted to do whatever we could to save him.”

Andray was taken to Midway Animal Hospital, where Clark paid several hundred dollars for Andray’s care. Reportedly, he couldn’t provide full care for the dog. As a result, a GoFundMe page was set up for Andray. The original goal of $1,500 was surpassed. In the end, donors came to the rescue in a big way. Scores of supporters pitched in and pledged nearly $9,000.

The latest update about this amazing dog is uplifting. Thanks to the power of crowdfunding, the donations gave the animal a new lease on life.

“Andray is doing well! I brought his step brother to meet him and they got along great. He is still in rough shape and will continue to stay at the animal hospital until he is better. I have been advised by the vet that his continued care will be expensive. English Bulldogs require a lot of extra care as it is and especially one with all the problems that Andray has. So after a donation to Jack in Spring Hill who is in need of surgery from eating toys, the rest will be placed in an account to cover any needs of Andray for the rest of his life. I will update again after we bring him home. Thank you again for all your support.”

Currently, the police are still investigating how Andray got into this situation.

[Photo courtesy GoFundMe campaign]