Ann Coulter Rant: Fox News, Ted Cruz Part Of ‘Unified Oligarchy’ Against Trump

Conservative firebrand Ann Coulter went on a Twitter rant on Saturday against Republican presidential candidate and Texas senator Ted Cruz, Fox News, and just about everyone that opposes Donald Trump’s candidacy for president. In fact, she would call both Cruz and Fox News “traitors” that were “in league with the liberal establishment” and said that the only way to win the 2016 election was to support Trump.

Mediaite reported on March 12 that conservative author and all-around rabble-rouser Ann Coulter took to Twitter to decry the characterizations of the chaotic Trump rally in Chicago meted out by both Fox News and Ted Cruz. Apparently, Coulter, an avid Trump supporter, became incensed by the overall bent of the Fox News coverage of the cancellation and shutdown of the Trump rally in Chicago on Friday night, not to mention taking exception to the Cruz’ campaign’s blaming of the billionaire businessman and Republican frontrunner for the volatile situation at the event.

The irate tweet was soon followed by another.

Those tweets were fired off in the early morning hours. But even eight hours later, as noon approached, it seems that Ann Coulter still was in a fit of rage over the Chicago coverage.

Still, as Mediaite explained, Coulter’s tirade against Fox News has a bit of a history. However, the site was quick to note that Fox News anchors Greta Van Susteren, Sean Hannity, and even Megyn Kelly (who has been a target of Donald Trump’s own Twitter tirades and media jabs) defended the real estate mogul against the protesters, noting that they had infringed on the presidential candidate’s right to free speech. And though it was somewhat unclear as to what actually prompted Coulter to protest Fox News’ general treatment of her favored candidate, it was perfectly clear why she found Ted Cruz a bit on the traitorous side.

Breitbart reporter Katie McHugh passed along a statement made by Ted Cruz on the rally.

“I think a campaign bears responsibility for creating an environment, when the candidate urges supporters to engage in physical violence — to punch people in the face. The predictable consequence of that is that it escalates and today is unlikely to be the last such instance. We earlier today in St. Louis over thirty arrested. That’s not how our politics should occur.”

But Ann Coulter wasn’t simply ranting about Trump’s treatment at the hands of Ted Cruz, who won the latest contest in the primary race (Wyoming), keeping the heat on Trump in competition for the delegate needed to become the GOP nominee. Coulter was also on a rant about how everybody was ganging up on the candidate she wants to win the Republican nomination and, ultimately, the presidency — thus her reference to the “unified oligarchy” against Donald Trump.

Not one to shy away from grandiose accusations or conspiracies, Ann Coulter has just about alienated most anyone that even so much as dabbles in politics. But as to the coming together of forces to defeat Donald Trump, she just might have a point.

Huffington Post‘s Ryan Grim broke the story that a “secret” meeting (it’s actually not a secret and has been going on annually since 1982) of top business execs, billionaires, and GOP politicians met on Sea Island off the coast of Georgia to discuss the Donald Trump situation. That is, the World Forum — a convention held by the conservative think tank American Enterprise Institute — met to strategize, according to Grim, on just how to stop Trump from getting the GOP nomination. Among those in attendance were conservative movers Bill Kristol and Karl Rove, businessmen Tim Cook of Apple, and Elon Musk of SpaceX and Tesla, and various Republican senators and congressmen.

So the Twitter rant conducted by Coulter may not have been just another ploy to say something controversial and get some attention, as often seems to be her wont. In this instance, Ann Coulter could very well be correct in that there is a unified effort (a conspiracy, if you will) on the part of quite a few — and not just on the liberal side of the political aisle — to stop the political juggernaut that is the populist campaign of Donald Trump.

[Image via Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons/CC-BY-SA-3.0]