Nicole Kidman Says ‘I’m Done With Babies’

In her personal life, Nicole Kidman has had a considerable and unique experience with parenting. From the children she shares with Tom Cruise, (Isabella Jane Cruise and Connor Cruise) to her children from her marriage to country singer, Keith Urban, who are Faith Margaret Kidman Urban and Sunday Rose Kidman Urban, Nicole has probably seen and heard it all. In fact, Nicole says she’s done.

Nicole Kidman On Having More Babies

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Ms. Kidman is 48-years-old, and as a mature, accomplished woman, she feels her days of raising babies has come to an end. In a recent interview, Kidman said she was no longer interested in caring for babies.

“I’m done with babies,” Nicole says. “But it’s a great time for us as a family because we’ve got these two glorious children who are five and seven and such a joy to be around!”

Nicole says that her four children are the perfect number. While she loves each of them, Kidman has no interest in adding more to her brood.

Kidman says that her marriage, their entire family, thrives because a dedication to family is important to each of them. Revealing that both Keith and herself had recently lost their fathers, Nicole says that loyalty toward family and a sense of belonging were strengthened by their losses. The Oscar-winning actress adds that, while they do find comfort with one another, they still miss their fathers terribly.

“When you lose your fathers in the family, it makes you even stronger because you can be there for each other to get through it. I’m there for him and he’s there for me, but we miss both of them so much.”

Nicole Kidman Reflects On Her Marriage To Keith Urban, As They Prepare To Celebrate 10 Years Together

In spite of what the tabloids might claim, Nicole and Keith have never been happier. Kidman says that she and Urban are in love as much today as they were a decade ago, when they were first married. The Moulin Rouge! actress credits their dedication to boundaries they set for themselves as one reason for their continued happiness. For example, Ms. Kidman reveals that they have promised to never be apart for any longer than five nights at a time. For most couples, that might not seem like a major feat, but for an actress and a country singer, that can turn out to be quite a sacrifice.

“We spend five days apart at the most and that’s it,” Nicole says. “Once you commit to that, everything becomes simple because we make all of our decisions around that priority.”

Clarifying the point, Ms. Kidman reveals that her professional obligations can really put a damper on her spirits. If she had her own way, Nicole would probably never leave home at all.

“I don’t want to be away from him for one night, and I love that we both still feel that way.”

Nicole and Keith spend the majority of each year living in Nashville with daughters Sunday Rose and Faith. Kidman will be returning to her homeland of Australia in June, where she will continue filming Top of the Lake. The Joan Campion murder mystery will be filming just as Kidman and Urban will be celebrating their 10-year wedding anniversary. Their anniversary is on June 25, but if Nicole has anything to say about it, she will definitely find a way to connect with Urban for the day. Maybe she’ll even figure out a way to make a weekend of it.

Nicole Kidman also recently appeared in an episode of the comedy Big Little Lies.

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