Pearling: Dangerous Practice Of Placing Pearls In A Penis Has Doctors Warning Against It

There’s nothing new under the sun, but “pearling” is something doctors are warning others not to do. According to the Daily Mail, some men are actually trying out the practice of “pearling,” especially in prison situations. While pearling might sound like the sport of seeking pearls inside of oysters, this type of pearling is far from that practice. Instead, the new “penis pearling” involves putting plastic beads inside the penis to help turn the penis into the type of beaded instrument that can provide varying sensations to a lover — either vaginally or anally.

Yet any pleasures gained from the practice of pearling aren’t nearly worth the risks that pearling can bring. Those health risks include the possibility of infection, erectile dysfunction, and never-ending pain to the person who sought out the pearling practice to provide pleasure. With either metal or plastic beads serving as the “pearls” in the pearling situation, the pearler places them beneath the skin in order to attempt to stimulate more sections of the sex partner’s genitalia.

Such a horrid practice can mess up a man’s urethra, warn experts, and bring the risks of erectile dysfunction or worse if infections are recognized and treated.

It’s a surprising finding that pearling would see a rise in occurrences, especially since pearling involves the lacerations of the penis — either performed by the person wanting to sport the pearls or a piercer willing to perform the pearling practice. Whilst some males seek to engage in the pearling process in order to provide their female partners with more stimulation, others view it as something akin to getting a tattoo or sporting microdermals, which means having surface piercings in the skin.

One wonders if pearling also has become slightly more popular if it in any way provides more girth, heft, or length to the penis. But none of those risks are worth the scar tissue that pearling could cause. Pearling is something that’s done all over the globe, with meanings behind some of the pearls.

While some men adopt pearling in an attempt to try to make themselves better sex partners, others use pearling to signify the number of years they’ve spent in prison. While pearling is described as involving tiny surface cuts in the penis shaft, it’s the type of process that makes one cringe — considering one 19-year-old used a razor blade to perform his pearling process. Citing a University of Florida Shands Hospital study, the Daily Mail reports that the young man cut his own penis with a razor blade on the shaft of the penis and the end of his penis.

His attempts to practice pearling and insert pearls failed miserably when he ended up at the hospital in pain, and experienced blood in his urine. He had to undergo surgery to fix the blood clots that resulted from the pearling attempts.

Reactions to the buzz about pearling have brought the horrified responses expected from those hearing about pearling on social media.

According to the BroBible article titled “I Think I’m Scarred For Life After Learning What Men Are Now Doing To The D**** To Please Women,” the pearling practice began in Cuba — and it comes equipped with myths that claim pearling makes women go crazy with good feelings.

According to Arianna Villafaña, a Cuban GP at the Móstoles University Hospital, the pearl is a small ball, often made of plastic, that’s placed under the skin of the penis through a small incision. The surgery is usually performed at home, without any proper sanitary precautions. “The goal is to enhance sexual performance,” says Arianna. “The Cuban myth claims that women who feel the pearl will go mad with pleasure.”

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