Little Mix’s Songwriter Mad At BRIT Awards, Says Songwriters Often Not Invited

Little Mix started their Get Weird Tour on March 13, but one of their songwriters says that what is getting weird for him is the way the BRIT Awards treat songwriters.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, there are a slew of contests, polls, and even a Little Mix playlist that fans can enjoy as part of the Get Weird Tour fanfare. Sadly, when the fans are dancing to Little Mix in the audience, they may have no idea about the person or people that have created the songs that they are enjoying.

Some songwriters not invited to BRIT Awards
Many people were at the BRIT Awards, but Little Mix's songwriter says that some songwriters were not invited. (Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images)

Perhaps part of the reason that no one knows about the songwriters for Little Mix is because they are frequently overlooked in the press and not invited to awards shows. This can be especially true if the songwriter is not a member of the band.

Concerning the lack of songwriter awareness, Guardian wrote on October 15, 2014, that “Britain produces some of the world’s most respected songwriters and producers, but because they are almost never credited on digital music services, they remain largely in the shadows.”

How important are songwriters like Ed Drewett of Little Mix to the industry? Although many people think music is written by the performer, the Guardian points out the following.

“In 2012, 90 percent of Official Top 100 singles were co-written by one or more songwriters who were not the performer – in the top 20 it rose to 95 percent.”

Beyond all doubt, songwriters are important, but when Little Mix was featured at the 2016 BRIT Awards, their songwriter was one of the only ones invited to the ceremony.

The BBC reports that Little Mix’s song writer, Ed Drewett, is now stepping up in the public eye to express his feelings about the injustice associated with songwriters not being invited to the BRIT Awards.

About the incident, Ed Drewett said in an interview with Newsbeat that he was invited with Little Mix to sit in the audience during the BRIT Awards because he co-wrote “Black Magic.” The Little Mix song was nominated for “British single of the year and British video,” but Ed Drewett said not all songwriters got the same welcome as he did.