March 11, 2017
Fox News Viewers Choose Bill O'Reilly Over Megyn Kelly

Bill O'Reilly may have personal issues (including losing a custody battle, according to Gawker), but he is still ruling the cable airwaves. When averaging cable ratings on ShowBuzzDaily for the past week, O'Reilly had one of his biggest weeks this year with an average of 3.3 million viewers a night. His biggest night was Wednesday with 3.5 million viewers, and his lowest, Thursday night, attracted approximately three million.

Perhaps Mr. O'Reilly's Wednesday evening episode caused the most reactions from viewers. He used his Talking Points Memo segment on Wednesday night to criticize those who are using Nazi rhetoric against Trump and his followers.

Donald Trump Hitler
Bill O'Reilly wonders whether or not it's okay to refer to Trump or any of his followers as "Nazis." [Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]"Some in the media are portraying Donald Trump and his supporters as 1930's-type fascists," O'Reilly angrily said to his viewers. He then played clips of media personalities, such as Matt Lauer, making the Hitler comparisons.

O'Reilly stated that the Hitler comparing is a tasteless strategy and that it's not hard to understand why some Americans support Trump. He said that for the past seven years, Americans have witnessed intense verbal attacks on police officers, an open southern border where drugs and human smuggling continue, a stalled economy where workers have little bargaining power, growing terrorist threats, and a Democratic president who plays golf after he announces the beheading of an American citizen by ISIS.

Bill also said that many Americans are tired of a culture that demands political correctness even if it goes against sincerely held religious beliefs. O'Reilly appeared most annoyed when he said we have a press corps that embraces liberalism so much that it uses its Constitutional privilege to diminish non-liberals who speak their minds.

Megyn Kelly Donald Trump
Megyn Kelly isn't a fan of censorship or Donald Trump. [Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images]Megyn Kelly has talked about what she believes are problems with political correctness as well. However, she isn't bringing in ratings nearly as much as Bill O'Reilly is. Ms. Kelly averaged 2.2 million viewers this week, which is still pretty impressive. Her biggest night was Wednesday, which attracted approximately 2.43 million viewers. Her lowest night, Thursday, attracted 1.68 million.

Megyn Kelly's Friday night show, which covered the near-riots that Trump's appearance in Chicago produced, brought a lot of praise and criticism for the Fox News superstar. While she certainly didn't agree with protesters shutting down a Donald Trump rally in Chicago, she also certainly didn't hold back on her negativity towards him. Some people like her for it, and some people don't. Kelly began her show by talking about the Chicago protests that caused a Trump rally to be canceled.

Megyn gleefully noted that the number of Trump protesters equaled the number of Trump supporters. Marco Rubio then spoke to Megyn Kelly on the phone.

"It's a very disturbing night for a lot of reasons. This is Chicago, protesters are in industry. This is an organized effort from groups who wanted to disrupt an event."
Rubio indicated that, although he doesn't agree with a lot of things Trump stands for, it's wrong to take away the first amendment rights for people to speak freely. She gave more time to Ted Cruz, who spoke to a number of press representatives.

"I think a campaign bears responsibility for creating an environment when their candidate encourages violence and people to punch each other in the face," Cruz said — obviously referring to Donald Trump.

Cruz hinted that this will continue if Trump continues his rhetoric. He took the time to insult Trump's lack of policies to deal with any real solutions to the problems this country faces.

With Trump almost guaranteed to grab the Republican nomination after Tuesday's voting, you can bet that for most of the week, both Bill O'Reilly and Megyn Kelly will be covering many other Trump protests. You can also bet that Fox News will, once again, rule the cable news ratings.

[Photo by Paul Morigi/Invision/AP and Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]