Kevin Hart Cheats In Race Vs L.S.U. Sprinter Jada Martin, Tweets About Sunday Funday

Actor Kevin Hart was labeled a cheater this weekend on social media due to his performance in a recent race against a college sprinter.

The 36-year-old comedian challenged 20-year-old Jada Martin from Louisiana State University after reportedly visiting the track and field team before a recent practice session.

He bragged about what happened during his visit (along with the video footage of his race against Jada) in a Facebook post Thursday.

“This the type of stuff that happens on a regular day in my life….I ran into [LSU Track & Field] in Birmingham Al & I challenged Jada Martin who is a amazing athlete to a 50yd dash & because I’m such a amazing athlete I whooped her behind.”

Kevin Hart apparently did not shy away from delivering a few hilarious one-liners before and after his race against Jada Martin. For instance, Hart showed off his improvisational skills when an approaching ambulance siren was heard nearby. According to the comedian, the ambulance was coming because he was going to “smoke” Jada Martin during their footrace.

Within the extensive list of hashtags used by Kevin Hart in his social media post, the Ride Along 2 actor did not hesitate to continue bragging about his feat with such phrases as:

  • “Bye Jada”
  • “Hot Feet is What They Call Me”
  • “LSU Wants to Give Me a Scholarship”
  • “I Ran the Speed Limit”
  • “Road Runner Ain’t Got Nothing on Me”
  • “She Was Pissed”
  • “The Team Should Name a Scholarship After Me”
  • “I Beat a Tiger Today”

Kevin Hart even highlighted the facial expression of absolute disappointment that Jada Martin displayed in the video moments after Kevin Hart won the race. However, he also shined a spotlight on perhaps the most controversial part of the race: how it started.

Hart claims that his “start was amazing” in one of his hashtags, but that is the exact opposite reaction that many other people apparently experienced to it.

As seen by the vast number of tweets, many people strongly believe that Kevin Hart cheated with a false start.

Perhaps Kevin Hart was simply poking fun at the entire thing by mentioning that his “start was amazing.” He more than likely knew that the odds of beating a college sprinter nearly half his age in a fair race were slim to none. Either way, the overall experience seemed to play out more like an epic joke that made headlines more so than a controversial scandal.

On Sunday, Kevin Hart highlighted the importance of laughter and making other people laugh in a Twitter rant of sorts promoting Sunday Funday.

“It’s Sunday Funday people….I hope u all have a blessed one. Do me a favor and smile thru out the day… It helps.”

It may have started out as a motivational message about the power of laughter, but Kevin Hart’s Twitter rant quickly turned into a promotional message (and eventual demand) to watch one of his comedy specials.

Kevin Hart is set to make huge strides in his career as a comedian and rising Hollywood star in 2016. Ride Along 2, which also starred Ice Cube, generated over $119.8 million at the box-office worldwide. One of the most anticipated films of the summer is his comedy movie Central Intelligence, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Kevin Hart will also star as a voice actor in The Secret Life of Pets months before his newest comedy concert film Kevin Hart: What Now? heads into theaters.

[Image Credit: Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images]