Google+ Hangouts Now Integrated With Gmail

Google+ Hangouts is getting a Gmail makeover and will begin rolling out to customers starting on Tuesday.

The feature will replace Google’s standard video chat which was already being offered via Google’s email service. Google executives hope that Google+ Hangouts will replace a users standard email functions, creating a more personalized video chat.

The new Google+ integration is located in the same sidebar area as the Google chat list and can be accessed directly from the users inboxes rather than through Google+. Once a user is chosen for a Google+ Hangouts chat a Hangout room can be named and assigned for just those two users or a group of people.

According to Google product manager Fred Brewin:

“If you and the person you’re chatting with also use Google+, you’ll get even more from the Hangouts experience. You’ll be able to video chat with up to nine people at once, watch YouTube videos together, collaborate on Google documents and share your screen. Plus, Hangouts has a bunch of fun effects that you can try out…because any conversation is better when you’re wearing a virtual mustache or pirate hat.”

Users will need to install the small Google+ Hangouts plugin to use the company’s video chat, after which point logging in from the Hangout’s installed computer will allow for seemless integration.

Google has been working endlessly to further integrate its various product platforms into the Google+ platform, the company already features Google+ highlighted searches, better brand pages and various other advanced.

Here’s a video that showcases Google’s new integration between Google+ Hangouts and Gmail: