Is Madonna’s Drinking On Stage And Concert Delays A Sign Something Is Wrong?

Madonna has had a stressful last few months, being on tour around the world and struggling with her ex-husband, Guy Ritchie for custody of their son, after Rocco Ritchie ran away from Madonna’s tour and went to London to live with Guy Ritchie and his wife Jacqui Ainsley.

According to The Inquisitr, after the custody hearing, Madonna and Guy Ritchie were told to work something out in terms of the custody of Rocco, or she would do it for them. The judge said that Rocco was happy and well-adjusted in his new school in London, so he should be allowed to stay there for the remainder of the school year. But the judge also said that Madonna and Guy Ritchie needed to work out a visitation schedule so that Rocco could see his mother again, as he has not seen her since he left her tour before Christmas.

The New York Daily News is reporting that Madonna went on another “boozy tirade” on stage in Melbourne, Australia, and falling off a tricycle, but without spilling her tequila. Madonna also took swigs out of a concert-goer’s flask, while trying to compose herself.

The singer also asked if someone in the audience could take care of her sexually, using profanity. Madonna also confessed to messing up the lyrics to a few of her songs, as she had thought that they were embedded in her DNA. Madonna also confessed to the audience that she had been struggling with some tough times and missing her son Rocco.

Madonna admits that she is still stressed over Rocco choosing to stay with Guy Ritchie in London.

Hollywood Life says that it seems that Madonna is breaking down before the eyes of fans on stage, and it is becoming disconcerting.

“Somebody take care of me please,” before asking, “Who is going to take care of me?”

Hollywood Life said that Madonna “mumbled her way through a chaotic show” at the Rod Laver Arena, which left fans stunned. The singer has also created a new backdrop for her stage show that includes photos of son Rocco Ritchie.

During a show last week, just after the New York custody hearing, Madonna allegedly threw back a vodka cocktail and began to cry onstage.

People Magazine says that Madonna’s private life is appearing on stage more and more throughout her tour. The 57-year-old Madonna joked that after her alcohol-soaked confessions, she was getting odd looks from one of her crew members.

“…her crew members was looking on in horror, thinking, ‘don’t reveal your private life to everybody.’”

But it’s been difficult for Madonna, who has not seen Rocco in several months. Madonna has been dedicating songs like “Intervention” to Rocco, and sharing photos from Rocco’s childhood with her audience.

TMZ is reporting that Madonna seems to be trying to “drink all of her cares away,” in a public way.

“The singer hit the bottle hard at a show in Melbourne Saturday night. She says she doesn’t like making mistakes, so on the surface it might seem she was guzzling booze because she fell off a tricycle.”

Fans are hoping that Madonna can get it together and work something out with Guy Ritchie that makes everyone happy.

Do you think the drinking on stage is an act, or do you think that Madonna is really having a meltdown?

[Photo by Graham Denholm/Getty Images]