Active Shooter: Gunman Opens Fire On Police Station In Washington, D.C., Officer In Critical Condition [Breaking]

A gunman has opened fire on the Prince George’s County police station in Washington, D.C. The police report that one officer was shot and is in critical condition, while two suspects have been arrested. People in the area were encouraged to stay indoors and away from the police station until further notice.

The Daily Mail reports that a gunman attacked a suburban Washington, D.C. police station. The gunman has allegedly shot one police officer who authorities say is in critical condition. Immediately following the attack, the Prince George County police station took to Twitter to warn nearby residents of the active shooter situation. They encouraged residents in the area to stay indoors and for everyone else to avoid the PGPD headquarters while the shooter or shooters were pursued by police.

The police station is located just 10 miles from the nation’s capital, but the first suspect was quickly apprehended. The first suspect was taken into custody around 6:00 p.m. EST while a second suspect was arrested at approximately 7:00 p.m. EST.

Following the arrest of the second suspect, the police indicated that they do not believe there are anymore suspects in the case, but that the investigation is ongoing. NBC 4 Washington reports that both suspects were arrested at a Popeye’s restaurant. The report indicates that the shooting itself took place at approximately 5:00 p.m. EST at a community center located just outside of the police headquarters. One police officer was shot and is reportedly in critical condition while a second person was also allegedly injured in the incident, but their condition is currently unknown.

“A second person was shot and taken to the hospital, but their condition is not known at this time, according to Prince George’s County Fire and Rescue.”

Despite police claiming that they do not believe any additional suspects remain at large, the active shooter situation has not been called off and police are continuing to urge residents to stay inside of their homes. Police officers are descending on the hospital where the wounded officer is being treated to hold a vigil. The officers can be seen creating a large circle outside of the hospital holding hands.

There have been no recent updates on the officer’s condition or the condition of the second individual wounded. No deaths have currently been reported, and there is no word on if either suspect was injured during the arrest. Numerous videos and photos from the scene following the shooting have been posted to Twitter with the media wanting information are being told to go to the Prince George’s Hospital Center for information.

Check back with the Inquisitr for additional information as the story unfolds and motives in the case are declared. What do you think about the active shooter situation in Washington, D.C?