Kasich Ohio Polls: Governor Feeling The Pressure Of Donald Trump Closing In On Him

John Kasich’s lead in the Ohio presidential primary is slipping away according to new polls. Two new polls came out on Sunday that show Donald Trump is gaining ground in Ohio. The NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll has Kasich in the lead with 39 percent and Trump in second place with 33 percent. The second poll was the YouGov and CBS News poll, which showed Kasich and Trump tied for first place with 33 percent.

The NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll took place between March 4 and March 10. A total of 564 people were surveyed and the poll has a margin of error of plus/minus 4.1 percent. The YouGov and CBS News poll was dated from March 9 to March 11. The number of people surveyed was 828, and the poll holds a margin of error of plus/minus 4.4 percent.

Kasich desperately needs to win Ohio to remain close to relevant in the presidential primary race. Ohio is his home state, and a loss in your home state is normally grounds for abandoning your presidential campaign. Many experts agree that even if he does win Ohio, Kasich has no path to win the nomination. If Kasich wins the 66 delegates in Ohio, he would then have to win 70 percent of the remaining primaries to get to the magic number of 1,237. But, Kasich may have a plan that does not include getting the majority of delegates.

A Kasich win in Ohio blocks Trump from gaining the 66 Ohio delegates. The Republican establishment is dead set on Trump not gaining the required number of delegates. Some are saying that if Trump does not win Ohio then he may end up a few delegates short of the majority come convention time. If that were to happen, then the Republicans can essentially nominate someone else to be president. Kasich feels his only shot at getting the nomination is from a brokered convention. By winning Ohio, Kasich will have leverage at a brokered convention, since the next president will need to win Ohio in the election to become president.

Kasich has a proven record that shows he has the skills needed to be President of the United States. He has experience in balancing a budget at the federal level, and in Ohio. He has a proven record of job growth in Ohio and has positive favorability numbers. Out of the four remaining candidates, Kasich very rarely gets down in the gutter to fight his opponents. In a normal election cycle, Kasich would have no issue about winning Ohio. This is not anywhere close to a normal election cycle, though, thanks to Donald Trump.

Trump’s message of bringing jobs back to the United States is resonating with blue collar voters. Ohio has a lot of these voters, which explains why Trump is close to overtaking Kasich. Ohio has similarities to Michigan when it comes to people voting based on potential job growth. Trump won Michigan easily based on the job issue. David Moore, a volunteer for Trump commented about Trump’s appeal when it comes to jobs.

Right now NAFTA has really screwed with this area, and he’s talking about NAFTA. That’s what these people want to hear. He’s talking about jobs. It’s all about jobs.

Trump’s campaign is working very hard to overtake Kasich in Ohio. Only two days are left for candidates to convince voters to vote for them on Tuesday. With Tuesday being the beginning of the winner take all primaries, the GOP nomination race is going to become even more interesting than it was before.

Do you think the polls showing Kasich in the lead in Ohio will hold true come Tuesday?

[Image Via AP Photo/Tony Dejak]