Mariah Carey’s Brother Calls Her ‘Evil Witch’ In Bizarre Outburst

Mariah Carey’s brother, 51-year-old Morgan Carey, has called his sister an “evil witch” in a bizarre outburst today. The tirade was apparently caused by Mariah Carey’s refusal to provide financial assistance to their HIV positive sister. Morgan claimed that the music superstar cared more about her beloved Jack Russell terriers than her family.

“Your sister is dying and she’s struggling and where are you? You think you are so fabulous, but you are a witch.”

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the sister in question, Alison, 54, is a mother of four who turned to prostitution in order to fund a heroin habit. Apparently Alison and Mariah have not spoken to each other for five years, and last year Alison attempted to publish a tell all book about the singer, which could not have done much to improve their relations. According to the International Business Times, Alison Carey now works as a cleaner and has made numerous attempts to reconcile with her superstar sister and to obtain financial assistance. The most recent attempt to reach out comes after Alison was “near death” in hospital and made a “miraculous” recovery. According to brother Morgan, Mariah did not come to the hospital and has ignored requests for assistance now that Alison is about to go in for brain and spine surgery.

Mariah Carey
Morgan Carey claims that he became estranged from his sister over her marriage to Nick Cannon. [Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]

Morgan Carey claims that he became estranged from his sister over her marriage to Nick Cannon.
[Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images][/caption]

Mariah’s relationship with her family has been stormy over the years, with both Morgan and Alison criticizing her lavish lifestyle, especially in the wake of Mariah’s cutting off of her sister back in 2000 following a tell all interview with the National Enquirer. Mariah Carey is no stranger to accusations of extravagance. The Sun reports that over the years, Mariah has come under scrutiny for her lavish pre-show requests, which include Cristal champagne and an attendant to dispose of her chewing gum. It is also claimed that Mariah Carey paid for a live performance of her hit song “Fantasy” during the birth of her twins, so that the first thing they would hear on coming into the world would be applause.

Mariah Carey is due to marry Aussie billionaire James Packer after the failure of her marriage to TV presenter Nick Cannon, who is the father of her twins. Morgan claims that his estrangement with his sister began when he counselled her against marrying Cannon, claiming that Mariah only wants people around who tell her what she wants to hear. Morgan was similarly doubtful of her current relationship, saying that he doubts Mariah is in love with Packer, but is rather “in love with her $5 million engagement ring.” He went on to repeat that she was “evil” and claimed she was only ever “in love with herself.”

Mariah Carey with new husband to be James Packer. [Photo by John Sciulli/Getty Images]

Mariah Carey with new husband to be James Packer.
[Photo by John Sciulli/Getty Images][/caption]

Mariah Carey is about to begin filming another reality television show about her life, and is due to begin a European tour, beginning in Glasgow, according to the Sun. Of her upcoming marriage, Morgan said that the first he knew about it was through social media, and he was at pains to point out that he had not been invited to the wedding.

Morgan Carey’s tirade against his sister isn’t new and, like most of the family’s past public announcements, it was peppered with seemingly inconsistent messages. Despite calling her an “evil witch” and dismissing her upcoming nuptials as having mercenary motives, Morgan was also at pains to wish his sister the best, saying that he hopes the marriage works and that Mariah can have a good life. At the end of his comments, Morgan said that he didn’t blame Mariah for her behavior, saying that it was unsurprising considering the way that she had to grow up. Morgan Carey now lives in Italy.

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