Ted Cruz Blames Donald Trump For Chicago Rally Protests, Fights

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump have been targeting each other when talking to the media and have done their best to paint a negative picture about each other. It has become a very entertaining thing to watch, but also a sad thought that a presidential race has come down to insults and accusations.

In the most recent accusation from Cruz, he talked about being troubled by Trump’s campaign rallies. He seemingly accused Trump of being the reason for the Chicago rally fighting and protesting. Cruz also mentioned his concern about Trump asking for people to raise up their hands and pledge their support for him during his rallies.

During his Saturday appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press, Cruz talked about his main concerns with Trump’s rallies.

“The protestors are behaving abusively and wrong. But, at the end of the day in any campaign, responsibility starts at the top. I’m troubled by the rallies that Donald holds, where he asks all the people there to raise their hand and pledge their support to him.”

Cruz didn’t come out and vocally blame Trump for the Chicago rally issues, but the timing shows that the comments are intended to suggest that he was the problem.

At this point in time, Trump and Cruz appear to be locked in a two-man race for the Republican nomination. Trump has the current delegate lead on Cruz, but the 460 to 370 lead isn’t even close to being insurmountable. Cruz has been gaining steam in recent weeks, but it will take a lot more to pull off the upset over Trump.

Super Tuesday is going to tell a lot about Cruz’s chances to upset Trump this week. He will have to have a major showing to steal a large number of delegates and has to hope that he gets some help from Marco Rubio and John Kasich. Cruz is gunning for Florida, but his best shot is if Rubio can pull off the win and block Trump from getting the necessary 1,237 delegates for the nomination.

Ted Cruz is troubled about Donald Trump's rallies.
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Looking back on the past primaries, Cruz has won eight states. He was able to beat out the field in his home state of Texas, which was a massive victory for him that netted 104 of the 155 available delegates.

On Tuesday, Cruz and Trump will be battling with Rubio and Kasich for the states of Florida and Ohio. Rubio’s home state of Florida could be a very close race, while Kasich has remained very confident that he will win the state of Ohio, which is the state that he currently governs.

Trump had to cancel a rally in Chicago due to violent protests and fights that were breaking out. He has since blamed democrat Bernie Sanders and his campaign for planning and organizing the violent protests.

It certainly wasn’t a great weekend for Trump, although it likely won’t hurt him in the long run.

Cruz has to be careful attacking Trump, as that is the game that the businessman likes to play the most. No politician will be able to out attack or out insult Trump in this race.

Ted Cruz is very troubled with the rallies that Donald Trump is having.
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While there is still a chance for Cruz to make a comeback and win the nomination, he has a long way to go. He has been unable to win over the Christian vote that many expected him to have, which hurt him badly in the south. Not winning South Carolina set him back a bit, but he has rebounded nicely.

Moving forward in this race for the Republican nomination, it will become much clearer whether Cruz has a chance to upset Trump in the next week or two.

Do you think that Ted Cruz is right in his concern about Donald Trump rallies? Do you believe that the Chicago issues had anything to do with Bernie Sanders or were caused by Trump? Does Cruz have a chance to come back and upset Trump for the nomination?

[AP Photo/Gerry Broome]