Mars Alien Mystery Solved: ‘Blue Stones’ On Mars Are Fossilized Alien Skulls, UFO Blogger Makes Bizarre Claim [Video]

A UFO and alien hunter has sparked a debate in the UFO and alien community after announcing discovery of a fossilized skull of ancient aliens on Mars. Fellow alien and UFO hunters have declared that with his latest bizarre “discovery,” UFO blogger Scott Waring may have solved the riddle about what ancient Mars aliens looked like.

In a video uploaded to YouTube on March 12, 2016, the alien hunter Scott Waring, reports sighting an alien skull in a set of images of the Martian surface uploaded by NASA to its JPL website.

The raw and unprocessed NASA images may be viewed here, here and here.

Waring notes in his blog that he had often observed “blue round stones” scattered on the Martian surface and wondered whether the stones could be fossilized remains of ancient life forms.

“I began to think about all those tiny alien figures we have found over the years and wondered if those blue round stones on the ground everywhere were not stones, but skulls of the tiny beings that once lived here,” the alien hunter writes.

His suspicion that the “blue stones” could be fossilized Mars alien skulls was “confirmed” recently, after he stumbled on a set of close-up images of a “blue stone” in a Curiosity rover Remote Micro-Imager photo of the Martian surface.

Alien skull on Mars
Close-up image of an alien skull snapped by Curoisity rover on the Martian surface, according to UFO blogger [Image via NASA/JPL]

“The skull was damaged on its left side, so I took half the skull, flipped it over and made it whole again,” he writes.

After “flipping over” the “damaged skull,” Waring found himself staring into the face of a long dead Mars alien (see YouTube video above).

“The image I reconstructed… It looks like an alien skull as strange as that sounds,” he comments.

The alien hunter then declares, “I think we solved the mystery of the blue berries on Mars, and the answer sounds so horrific.”

And concludes solemnly, “Carl Rogers, the father of the humanistic approach of psychology once said, ‘the truth will set you free, but first it will hurt like hell.'”

Waring’s “earth-shaking” discovery has sparked a debate among fellow UFO and alien hunters.

“I think I’m gonna be sick. So many ‘Blue berries,'” an alien hunter comments. “It makes sense, that the skulls would be tougher, and last longer, than any tiny bodies attached to them could last during radical climate destruction.”

Humanoid alien race
Humanoid alien races that lived on Mars millions of years ago may have looked like this, based on the evidence of the alleged 'fossil skull' above [Image via Shutterstock]

“I have looked closely, and I believe you are on to something,” another alien hunter writes. “If you could find one of these blueberries skulls with the same level of bilateral symmetry, without having to use a cut in half then copy paste image, it would be not only conclusive, but undeniably definite.”

“Incredible discovery,” a well-known Mars anomaly hunter, Sandra Elena Andrade exclaims. “I congratulate you!”

There are two theories about what might have caused mass deaths that left the surface of the red planet strewn with blue fossilized alien skulls. The first and probably most widely accepted in the UFO community is the theory proposed by the U.S. theoretical plasma physicist and expert in propulsion technologies John Brandenburg, in a presentation at the 46th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference in Houston, Texas, in March 2015.

Brandenburg told an astonished gathering of distinguished scientists that ancient Mars civilization was destroyed by a warlike and space-faring alien race armed with thermonuclear weapons.

According to Brandenburg, who obtained his PhD from the University of California at Davis, and has worked as a consultant on Space Missile Defense and Directed Energy Weapons, a thin layer of radioactive substances widely distributed on the Martian surface and nuclear isotopes in the Martian atmosphere prove that powerful thermonuclear bombs were detonated within the Martian atmosphere in the past.

Alien skull on Mars, according to conspiracy theorists
Is this an alien skull on Mars? [Image via NASA/JPL]

Brandenburg described the surface distribution of radioactive substances, such as uranium, thorium and radioactive potassium, and nuclear isotopes in the Martian atmosphere, as thermonuclear “weapons signature.”

Waring proposes a second theory about what caused the mass deaths. The UFO hunter refers to recent scientific research discovery that massive solar flares may have stripped Mars of its atmosphere and water billions of years ago.

Billions of years ago, Mars’ atmosphere was about as thick as Earth’s today. Mars, according to scientists, may have been a warm and habitable planet like Earth with lakes and oceans.

But billions of years ago, when the sun was younger, its activity was more violent and unstable, with many more powerful solar storms. Measurements by NASA’s Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution mission — MAVEN — reveal that early in its history, Mars was hit by powerful solar storms that stripped away the Martian atmosphere.

Mars, according to scientists, was more vulnerable to the atmosphere stripping effect of solar storms because, unlike the Earth, it lacks a global magnetic field to deflect the solar wind.

According to Waring, a single catastrophic solar flare may have wiped out the Martian aliens, leaving only bone fossils as evidence of their existence.

“If NASA is right and a giant solar explosion from our sun stripped Mars of its atmosphere and water, then it would have killed all life on Mars’ surface, leaving only bones,” the UFO blogger writes.

[Images via Shutterstock]