Kylie Jenner’s Lips Appear As Her Eyes In ‘Terrifying’ Video

Kylie Jenner’s lips are big and beautiful, but sometimes even the lipstick maven goes too far. Jenner has been criticized for using lip injections to help out her pout, but defended the cosmetic help for her look by saying it was just something “she’d always wanted to do.” Kylie’s latest lip look is pretty intense, and if it’s also something the KUWTK star has always wanted to do, then fans might be right to think she’s a bit unstable!

The lip adventure of the week for Kylie was a little something she did for her Snapchat followers, and Hollywood Life reports that it is “horrifying.” Everyone knows how much Kylie loves Snapchat, and how into lips and lip care she is, so the Lipkit owner decided to put her two interests together with a “bizarre video.” The Snapchat video featured Kylie’s lips – but not in there usual place. Jenner’s lips took the place of her eyes in the video.

The video of Kylie’s “plumped up lips” is strong stuff, so it’s better not to watch it unless you have a strong stomach too. According to Hollywood Life, it makes it seem as though Kylie’s “eyes fell out of their sockets,” and its “terrifying” to watch.

So far, there hasn’t been a lot of feedback from fans. The still of Kylie’s lips-for-eyes is so scary that a lot of people don’t even want to watch the rest. Of course, some people think Kylie’s big lips are scary even when they’re in the right place for lips.

Kylie herself doesn’t seem to be at all bothered by her disturbing lip vid though. She can be heard singing throughout the “absolutely frightening” Snapchat, and the song she’s warbling shows that she thinks the lips-for-eyes swap is funny.

“With them Kylie Jenner lips,” sings Kylie, as the video shows fans the stuff of nightmares. Jenner is probably “poking fun at herself,” but that doesn’t make it any easier looking at the stomach-turning image of Kylie’s lips where her eyes should be.

The youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kylie might be coming to terms with her recent apparent decision to give up on lip injections. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Kylie, sans lip injections, posted an Instagram photo of herself with smaller lips, and that caught fans’ attention in a hurry. She added a little picture of a pair of lips equipped with silvery, feathered wings, and included the caption, “Fly away my friend.”

One fan wrote in the comments, “Your old lips are so small, love your new,” and added an unhappy emoticon. It remains to be seen if Kylie will be content with her own small lips or if she’ll carry on using cosmetic enhancements.

On March 12, Kylie posted a completely different photo to Instagram, where she shows off her luscious big lips in support of her new beauty line, Kylie Cosmetics. The Daily Mail reports that despite the hints about giving up lip injections, Jenner’s lips “seemed bigger than ever” in the Instagram post, which Kylie made as part of a promotion for her LipKits. That doesn’t look like Jenner is ready to give up the lip injections!

Candy on the lips @kyliecosmetics

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Jenner used cosmetic lip enhancement for months before finally coming clean on a May, 2015, episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians about her lip work.

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