Niall Horan Is Golfing Again, But Where Is He Doing It?

For Niall Horan fans closely watching his vacation plans, new evidence has emerged that he may no longer be in Los Angeles.

On March 13, Niall Horan posted a video of him teeing off at a golf course. In the caption, Niall Horan said he was “cold” but it is March, birds are singing in the background, and the woods behind him appear somewhat lush.

Could this mean that Niall Horan is currently in a part of Florida that is not predominated by palm trees? Alternatively, Irish Examiner claims on March 13 that Niall Horan is back in Ireland.

Haven't been in cold like this in a while but good to be back Hitting balls

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What could be likely is that Niall Horan might be in Palm Harbor, Florida, for the PGA Tour. From March 10 to March 13, Valspar Championship golfing championship has been taking place at the Innisbrook Resort.

Naturally, since Niall Horan recently started Modest Golf Management, according to Golf Digest, it makes sense that Niall is learning more about his new business.

Niall Horan may be requested by Rory McIlroy for good luck

On the other hand, Niall Horan could be rushing to the side of his friend, Rory McIlroy, since Niall has worked as Rory’s “good luck charm” in the past, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

Sadly, it appears Rory McIlroy could use some help right now from Niall Horan — even if he does keep falling over on the golf course.

The turmoil Rory McIlroy is in relates to the fact that he is a couple of months shy of being 27. This is important to fans like Niall Horan, according to the Guardian, because Rory McIlroy is one win short of joining Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus as players that have “claimed a dozen PGA Tour titles before the age of 27.”

Unfortunately, Rory McIlroy did not win the recent WGC-Cadillac Championship — and this is why he may need Niall Horan’s good luck to rub off on him.

Regardless, is there a chance that Niall Horan is not in Florida, Ireland, or near Rory McIlroy? After all, Mark McDonnell of Niall Horan’s Modest Golf Management is possibly in Hollywood at the moment since he posted a picture of Los Angeles on his Instagram account around March 10.

While Niall Horan’s exact location may be a mystery at this point, there are likely to be more golf-related posts from Niall in the near future. In addition to possibly attending the PGA Golf Championship tournaments beginning on April 4 in Augusta, Georgia, Niall Horan will have matters to share concerning golf talent management.

Although the term “talent management” for golf might elude some Niall Horan fans, it is likely that he will be working as a “talent agent,” according to the Mirror. This means Niall Horan’s goals for celebrity golfers will likely entail helping to manage their contracts, advertising, and product branding.

Niall Horan probably learns from Rory McIlroy about golf

Insiders close to Niall Horan also told The Sun around February 2 that Niall’s idea of talent management for golf involves “[discovering] exciting new players and give them his backing.”

An example of how golf talent management may work in Niall Horan’s new business is described in an article by PGA. In their article, Mark Wahlberg recently showed off a golf ball that helped him win a hole-in-one — and he emphasized Rory McIlroy’s name on the golf ball.

In the end, if Niall Horan might be in Ireland, what does that mean concerning Jessica Serfaty? The Daily Mail recently highlighted what looked like a flirtation between Niall Horan and Jessica Serfaty — but it might have just been speculations on a new friendship.

Although the details about Jessica Serfaty have not been clarified, Niall Horan’s ex, Ellie Goulding, did finally open up about her past relationship with Niall Horan.

While Ellie was firm to say she never dated Ed Sheeran, she did not have the same feelings about Niall Horan. Instead, 98 FM explains that Ellie Goulding had nothing but nice things to say about Niall Horan and stated the following.

“We’re still friends. We went on a few dates, and it was really fun. He’s a really, really lovely guy. He’s got the biggest sense of humor, he’s very caring, and I see him as a genuine friend in the industry.”

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