This May Be the World’s Most Mysterious 2.0 Tool

A mysterious browser plug-in billed as an all-around 2.0 solution is finally about to launch. SemantiNet has been developing its tool in Israel since 2006 and now says it’ll be released next month. The company has also just raised $3.4 million and is preparing to open an office in the heart of Silicon Valley to go along with its main Tel Aviv headquarters.

The startup’s Web site reveals little about the product. Even a press release about today’s funding announcement only says the tool combines “leading-edge semantic web technology with crowd-sourcing, state-of-the-art cross-platform multimedia and integrated browser functionality.” Oh yeah, and it’s based on experience “gained by the key engineers in the Israeli Army elite R&D unit.”

A little creative searching, though, takes you to this now unlinked page — which reveals a good bit more:

“Your personal assistant to the web: our product is an intelligent browser plugin that enlightens your browsing experience by dynamically discovering, integrating and providing easy access to personally-relevant content on the pages you view. Stay in the loop with the people you know, the interests you pursue and the places and products that matter to you!

Always working behind the scenes, it scans each webpage and points out anything related to your world: your people, your interests, your history. The result? A Web that is more personal and powerful for you: full of great discoveries, intriguing connections, trusted recommendations, and relevant opinions… and insights all based on you.


Wherever you go on the web, our product works to discover meaningful connections between what you’re browsing and the rest of your world: your people, your interests, your pursuits. It uncovers relevant links for you; discovers useful insights into things you care about, and supplies you with truly personal recommendations based on who you are and what you like.


Unleash the power of Facebook, FriendFeed, Twitter, Digg, Last.FM, and other great social services and take them with you as you roam the web. Our product checks in with your friends and contacts to see what they’re into and up to. It lets you know how content you encounter relates to their activities, opinions, links and ideas.


Our product is seamless, automatic and instant. Once installed, it begins working for you behind the scenes: constantly researching while you freely browse – politely integrating valuable links and info directly into the web pages you view. It is free, fast and private: your personal assistant for a more personally empowering web. Stop searching and start finding.”

Color me intrigued. SemantiNet is now accepting beta tester applications.