Michelle Le, Giselle Esteban: ID’s ‘See No Evil’ Chronicles Creepy Case Of Missing California Nurse Later Found Dead

Michelle Le, the missing nursing student who vanished from a California parking lot and was later found dead, will be the next story presented on See No Evil. The new Investigation Discovery (ID) show focuses on murder cases, where videotapes and surveillance cameras captured the victim’s final moments. On Wednesday’s episode, entitled, “The Vanishing Nurse,” ID addicts will listen to comments made by Michelle Le’s family members, law enforcement investigators, and other key figures in the case. For her death, Michelle Le’s friend, Giselle Esteban, was found guilty and convicted of first-degree murder.

Nursing Student Gone

Michelle Le’s case became well known in May, 2011, after the nursing student vanished from the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Hayward, California, where she worked. Video surveillance cameras captured Michelle Le walking the halls and through the parking garage during her final moments. Her annoyed supervisor came to look for her after she failed to return, and told detectives that she saw what looked like Michelle Le’s vehicle speeding out of the parking garage once she tried to wave the vehicle down.

A Deadly Cover-Up

In the hours after Le’s disappearance, family members tried to send her texts and phone calls, but they all went unanswered. The next day, texts from someone posing as Michelle Le came in, telling everyone “not to worry,” and that everything was “fine.” It became obvious to Michelle’s family and boyfriend that whoever was sending the texts was not Michelle.

During the investigation, police learned that Michelle Le, a fun-loving young lady, had been having issues with her former best friend and classmate, Giselle Esteban. Upon contacting Esteban, she told them that she was no longer friends with Michelle Le because Michelle had sex with her boyfriend, Scott. She also denied knowing where Michelle was. By this time, police were sure that Michelle Le was abducted by someone that she knew.

A number of searches were conducted in order to try to find Michelle Le. Detectives and search parties focused on areas where Michelle’s cell phone had been pinging. After the eighth search, her dead remains were found in a heavily wooded area.

Blood evidence was connected back to her old friend and rival, Giselle Esteban. But, that wasn’t all: they also had video footage of Giselle Esteban, walking around in a white lab coat and using a stolen instructor identification card. Footage of Esteban sending the phony texts messages to detectives and friends was also caught on tape. It is believed that Esteban followed and attacked Michelle Le outside her car. It was a sad and tragic end for two people who once called themselves best friends.

Anyone who was a part of this case will tell you that it is the kind of story that will literally make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. On the periphery, there are several other deaths that are connected to Michelle Le’s story.

Other Deaths Connected To Michelle Le’s Mysterious Disappearance And Murder

  1. Before Michelle Le disappeared and was found dead, another young lady around the same age with the same last name and nationality also disappeared from the area and was later found murdered.
  2. Mark Klaas offered some guidance to family members during the search for Michelle’s family. His daughter, Polly Klaas, was abducted and murdered in 1993.
  3. Another eerie death connected to Michelle Le, is the death of 14-year-old Amber Dubois. Dubois’ mother was the one who located Michelle Le’s body during the search.
  4. Even creepier, the area where Michelle’s body was found is a dumping ground for so many other homicide victims.

Giselle Esteban was convicted and sentenced to life in prison. The Michelle Le, Giselle Esteban case has been featured on Dateline NBC and True Crime with Aphrodite Jones. To see how Investigation Discovery dramatizes the story in their documentary, See No Evil, watch on Tuesday at 10/9 p.m. central.

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