‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Helena’s Will Is Read, Griffin Reveals The Truth, And Nina Faces Big Challenges

What can viewers expect this coming week from General Hospital? Spoilers tease that Helena’s will is finally going to be read, and there are said to be some surprises ahead. The truth about Dr. Griffin Munro’s identity comes out, and Michael Easton returns to the soap very soon in a new role that very likely will shake things up. Just where are things headed in Port Charles during the week of March 14?

As We Love Soaps details, Helena’s will is read during Monday’s show, and those attending the reading are left with some shockers. General Hospital spoilers have been teasing that whatever plays out at this reading will spark a new adventure for Laura, while many wonder if this event will reveal some key information about Jake in the wake of news that there are changes regarding Jake on the way.

Anna is confronting Griffin about why he has been following her, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that he will come clean, at least to an extent. It turns out that he is Duke’s son, although viewers will have to wait and see just who his mother is and why he’s landed in Port Charles.

Nathan is going to tell Dante who Claudette really is, and General Hospital spoilers via Soap Central tease that Dante is about to cause new drama in his reunion with Lulu. Just as the two were reconnecting and planning for the future again, he will be seen talking with Valerie about Lulu. It seems that Lulu will see or hear about this, and it does not go over well.

General Hospital spoilers tease that Julian will take some big steps related to Crimson, and it sounds as if his decisions may mean bad news for Maxie, Dillon and Nina. Will they be able to scramble to save the magazine as Julian prepares to throw it into bankruptcy? Teasers indicate that at some point this week, Nina will manage to avert disaster, and fans are hoping that means she has a plan to save Crimson.

While Nina is scrambling at work, General Hospital spoilers indicate that she will be facing stress at home as well. Things have been a bit difficult in her relationship with Franco lately, and it seems that trend continues. She will confront him over some mixed signals he is giving her, and it sounds as if the two may have some words regarding his friendship with Elizabeth as well.

There is a bit of Kristina action coming up this week, as General Hospital spoilers detail that Sonny will be trying to find out what his daughter has been hiding. Kristina may continue to keep her secret from her father, but it sounds as if she may finally be prepared to open up to Molly about her situation.

Sam and Jason have finally reunited, but General Hospital spoilers share that she may be trying to slow things down a bit in this coming week. Should fans be worried? Kiki will be progressing in her recovery, but Morgan will still be struggling immensely. Ava and Kiki are said to voice some gratitude to Sonny, and GH spoilers tease that Ava is about to get a chilling gift of some sort.

Lomax will be putting the pressure on Olivia and Alexis regarding the lawsuit, and the potential collapse of Crimson may create unexpected issues for their case. General Hospital spoilers share that there will be an interesting and potentially intense talk between Elizabeth and Epiphany ahead soon, too.

What comes next for Sam and Jason? Who will be the next love interest for Elizabeth, now that it is known that Rebecca Herbst is staying on in the role? There is plenty of drama on the way in these next episodes, and viewers cannot wait to see where things are headed. Michael Easton debuts as a new doctor in town in just a few more episodes, and General Hospital fans cannot wait to have him back.

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