Rob Kardashian And Blac Chyna Jet Set On Romantic Couples Vacation To Jamaica

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are taking their relationship overseas. According to E! Online, the two love birds have flown to Jamaica and are about to have some fun in the Caribbean sun.

Based on Blac Chyna’s Snapchat, she and Rob Kardashian boarded a flight leaving Los Angeles International Airport on its way to Montego Bay, Jamaica, on Sunday morning. Rob also posted pictures and video of them on their journey out of the country.

According to E! Online, both Rob and Black Chyna dressed very casually to travel. Rob donned a black hoodie and sweatpants, along with Givenchy sandals and an L.A. Dodgers baseball cap. Chyna wore a black and white T-shirt and black leggings. She paired that look with black shoes and a light blue purse. She also wore her hair in long, wavy curls.

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna breakup rumors were running wild last week when Rob deleted his Instagram photos and Chyna shared a mysterious post that seemed to indicate that all was not well in their relationship.

As E! Online noted, Rob also unfollowed every person he’d been following on Instagram. He, however, later re-added Chyna and the Kardashian sisters, along with Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner.

When all this was going on, Blac Chyna posted a very cryptic post on her Instagram page, a picture of a woman with her arms outstretched with the following text.

“When you just get out of a relationship & your hoe friend welcomes you back into the World of Hoe.”

Chyna later deleted the post.

Cosmopolitan Magazine cites an insider source that claimed that Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna had a fight, which explains Rob’s momentary Instagram purge and Chyna’s mysterious social media post.

“They were moving too fast,” the source said. “They had a fight about how much time they had been spending together but they’ll be back. This is a relationship in the fast lane. It all moves fast, so the breakups are dramatic too, like the relationship. They could be back together whenever, it’s so dramatic.”

As Us Weekly notes, when they were headed to board their flight from Los Angeles International Airport, Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna did not look too affectionate.

“They both looked happy, but showed no signs of affection,” someone who was at the airport told Us.

According to Us Weekly, Chyna isn’t just going to Jamaica for romance with Rob. She’s going there for work too. Blac Chyna is set to appear at BritJam, which is being billed on social media as the biggest spring break festival in the Caribbean.

Us Weekly also reports that Rob took to Instagram to explain his relationship status with Blac Chyna and revealed that they were still in a relationship.

Rob said that the real reason why he had gone quiet on social media wasn’t because he and Chyna had broke up but because they wanted to be more private about their relationship.

“It’s impossible to have a positive relationship with so much negativity from the media and outsiders and we would appreciate it if everyone respects that,” the caption under his most recent Instagram photo of he and Chyna cuddled up reads.

After Rob and Blac Chyna announced that they were dating in January, there were reports that the relationship irked certain members of the Kardashian family. But Rob has insisted that he is all in on the relationship, despite all the negative comments they’ve been receiving.

“Love this woman right here so f**k y’all with your negative comments!!” he previously captioned a photo of a green-haired Blac Chyna. He accompanied the caption with two baby bottle emojis and two heart-eyed emojis, which led people to speculate that there could be a new Kardashian baby on the way.

Neither Rob Kardashian or Blac Chyna have commented on the pregnancy rumors.

[Photo via Snapchat]