JoJo Fletcher’s Big ‘After The Final Rose’ Announcement: Next ‘Bachelorette’ Or ‘Bachelor’ Ben’s Bride-To-Be?

Bachelor fans can’t wait to see Ben hand out his final rose on Monday night, but it’s the live After the Final Rose special that will have everyone talking. Although JoJo Fletcher is rumored to be this season’s runner-up, there’s new information about the outcome of the show that even has blogger Reality Steve scrambling for details.

[See major update to this story below]

Steve’s spoilers state that Ben will send the 25-year-old Texas beauty home on Monday night before he proposes to Lauren Bushnell. When fans started asking about the possibility of JoJo becoming the next Bachelorette, Steve ruled that out — as did Us Weekly and confirmed that Caila Quinn got the gig.

However, there’s a big surprise in store that may shake up Steve’s season finale spoilers or, at the very least, prove him wrong about who the Bachelorette is. On Friday, he sent out a rather cryptic tweet about “rumors circulating” that immediately created some doubt about his spoilers.

ARTICLE UPDATE March 14: Reality Steve confirmed on Monday that Caila lost out of the Bachelorette gig at the last minute and producers chose JoJo Fletcher to be ABC’s next leading lady. Read more: Caila Quinn ‘Not Happy’ With The ‘Bachelor’ Producers, JoJo Fletcher Gets ‘Bachelorette,’ Gig, Caila Headed To ‘Paradise’

Two days later, he remains silent about the tweet [see update above], perhaps trying to figure out how to explain an error in his spoilers, much like his incorrect prediction that Kaitlyn Bristowe would walk away single on her season of the Bachelorette. Her Snapchat pic with Shawn Booth forced him to change his spoilers just days before the finale aired on ABC.

While some fans are wondering if Steve’s final rose spoiler is wrong and Ben’s final pick is JoJo, Us Weekly‘s insider has all but confirmed that Lauren B. is Ben’s bride-to-be.

However, Steve’s most recent tweet has many of his followers hoping that the “rumors” he’s trying to verify are related to the upcoming season of The Bachelorette.

Last week, Caila was spotted with a film crew in her hometown of Hudson, Ohio, setting off a flurry of “Caila is the Bachelorette” reports online.

However, prior to Ben’s season, producers teased that Nick Viall was the Season 20 Bachelor when they taped footage of him in Chicago. Weeks later, Ben Higgins was introduced as the guy who would hand out roses to 28 lucky ladies.

Is it possible that taping Caila publicly was done to throw fans off? JoJo has been keeping a rather low profile on social media, so there’s a chance that she could be filming her intro package and will be introduced on the After the Final Rose as the Season 12 Bachelorette.

In recent seasons of the Bachelorette, the gig has not been given to the runner-up. It’s just not believable to have someone who is so “in love” with the Bachelor quickly switch gears and start dating 25 new guys, but this is reality TV – anything’s possible.

The video preview below from ABC is yet another clue that JoJo is not Ben’s final pick, even if his mother wants her to be. In the clip, Ben dismisses her “do you feel good about us” question with a vague answer. Are producers preparing fans for JoJo’s rejection and subsequent transition to the Bachelorette?

Us Weekly‘s insider also states that JoJo was very understanding when Ben dumped her at the final rose ceremony. Was she already in line to become the next Bachelorette and prepared for him to send her home?

The show’s insiders tell Us that JoJo kept her cool when Ben gave her the bad news, totally understood why Ben would pick Lauren and “didn’t even ask why he said ‘I love you’ if he loved someone else.”

The season finale of the Bachelor is just hours away — the rumors will finally come to an end starting at 8 p.m. ET on March 14.

Find out who Ben really picks on the two-hour season finale and make sure to watch the After the Final Rose special at 10 p.m. ET when Chris Harrison reveals who the next Bachelorette is.

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