WWE News: Cesaro Reveals Estimated Return Date From Injury [Video]

Oft-injured WWE superstar Cesaro will not be able to return from his shoulder injury in time for WrestleMania 32, but the “Swiss Superman” is not too far off from returning to the ring, as he tells Sport360.

After undergoing surgery for a torn rotator cuff on November 23, 2015, Cesaro told WWE.com that he would likely be out of action four to six months. At this point, it has been almost four months since Cesaro went under the knife and, in accordance with the doctors and their initial prognosis, Cesaro is healing according to schedule.

“According to the doctors, it’s probably going to be another two or three months. I hate to say it, but [WrestleMania 32] is probably too soon.” Cesaro continued, “it’s like the worst time to be hurt, not that there’s a good time to be hurt, but it’s probably the worst time of the year to be hurt. Missing the [Royal] Rumble, missing WrestleMania, it’s our high season.”

While Cesaro’s ability as a speaker has been questioned, his technically sound in-ring style has always been praised. The WWE has focused heavily on the “entertainment” portion of its acronym for a long time, but Cesaro, somebody who can speak five languages, says that he has focused on wrestling becoming another vernacular for him.

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“To me, I always focused on the in-ring part, the wrestling, that stuff. They’re my strong suit. Also, the beauty about that is, I feel actions speak louder than words and wrestling is kind of my sixth language that I can communicate with anybody. Even if they don’t speak my language or I don’t speak their’s, I go in the ring and I can entertain in a way that nobody else can.”

It’s possible that Cesaro’s physical style in the ring played a role in his injury. However, the intense nature of the craft reared its ugly head on several performers — not just Cesaro — after he went down with an injury. Guys like John Cena, Randy Orton, Seth Rollins and Sting all suffered injuries around the same time and are still out with injury.

While Cesaro, Cena, and Rollins have been training at the NXT Performance Center in recent weeks, long-term health and productivity are a concern for the performers and WWE. When Daniel Bryan recently retired due to a series of concussion troubles, the mortality of wrestlers’ careers came into question. Cesaro says that he’s known Bryan for over 10 years, and was sad to see his colleague and friend retire.

As he rehabs for an eventual return — setting the background of his phone to the WrestleMania 33 logo as motivation — Cesaro understands why Bryan chose to retire and sounds cautious about his own future.

“The stuff that he said that night and then even the next day on SportsCenter, I didn’t know some of that stuff, and like he said, he hid some of it. I haven’t spoken to him, but I think that, for me, it’s important, as a friend, that he can live the rest of his life in good health and to risk his health is just not worth it, so I think, definitely, it’s the right decision and anybody in the world, all the fans that know what he [has] been through and seen what he [has] accomplished, they understand that.”

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