‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Will Negan’s Rules Keep Maggie, Carol, And Rick’s Kids Safe?

As Negan’s arrival gets closer on The Walking Dead, there has been a lot of speculation about who the Saviors’ ruthless leader might kill. We already know someone is going to die and it will be brutal. There has been some talk about who from Rick’s group of survivors might be ending their TWD run with Season 6 when Negan pulls out his horrifying barbed wire wrapped bat named Lucille and bashes someone’s head in with it.

In the comic books, Negan’s brutality ends with Glenn getting killed. The scene played out in Issue 100, when Negan met Rick’s group is stopped on their way back up to the Hilltop. The AMC series of The Walking Dead will play out much like the comics, where Negan is fueled by a hatred for Rick and his need to make him suffer as much as he possibly can.

The biggest difference is that in the comic books, Rick’s group retaliates against the Saviors when Negan insists they start to pay half of their resources just like Gregory and Jesus revealed the Hilltop colony is doing on the TV series. However, in the series, Rick and the rest of the Alexandria survivors decide to kill Negan prior to having ever met him because they struck a deal with the Hilltop, coincidentally, to take half of their supplies in return for the death of the man who has been terrorizing them.

As a result of their deal with Gregory and the Hilltop, Negan’s hatred for Rick and his group will be the reason for at least one but probably two deaths before the end of Season 6 on The Walking Dead. In the comic books, those deaths belonged to Abraham and Glenn.

Now we know that the TWD executive producers like to change it up from time to time, otherwise, The Walking Dead fans will already know exactly what will happen just from reading the comic books. So while the AMC hit has opted to follow a lot more of the comic book storyline than they have in the past, that still doesn’t mean that Abraham and Glenn are going to die.

What we do know is that Negan wants to make Rick suffer the most and anyone who has watched TWD knows that killing Carl or Judith (or both) would destroy Rick. Instead, when Negan lines the group up after catching them off-guard, he decides to kill Glenn in front of everyone who loves him. Why doesn’t Negan just kill one of Rick’s kids?

Despite Negan’s horrific brutality, foul mouth, and very loose morals, the leader of the Saviors does claim a set of rules and he forces the others in his group to follow them as well. In the comics, men are told not to rape women and one man even died when he was caught trying to rape Holly when she was captured. Going against the same logic, the TWD villain also has multiple wives, most of which used to be the wives and girlfriends of some of the Saviors. Negan does what he wants and he takes what he wants.

So, while Negan says that he does not kill women and children, it is entirely plausible that he could change his mind. In the comics, at least, someone from Negan’s camp kills Holly and then tries to trick Rick during a negotiation by offering her back after she is already dead. However, we also know that Negan strikes up a weird friendship with Carl in the comics and much of that friendship is part of the story arc. Despite many opportunities to take out Rick’s child, he chooses not to do so. Judith doesn’t even exist in the comics since she died along with Lori during childbirth. Like Daryl Dixon, Judith’s story is wide open and there’s no telling if The Walking Dead writers are going to end one of them at any given moment.

There is some talk that Carol might be given Glenn’s death during the Season 6 finale. In Episode 13 titled “Same Boat,” fans will see Carol and Maggie work together to escape their captors. This leaves Negan with no leverage after Rick and the rest of the survivors killed quite a few saviors. Ultimately Maggie and Carol will reunite with the group and survive what looked to be certain death. Given Carol’s recent conflict and her romance with Tobin, some think there has been foreshadowing that Carol will die in the finale instead of Glenn or possibly even Daryl.

While that would certainly devastate both Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan, who have said the finale was very upsetting to film, it still doesn’t look like that will happen. For starters, if Negan was going to break his rule about killing women and children, he would have killed one or both of Rick’s kids. That would have hurt Rick the most, which is Negan’s goal. Not to mention that Carol is not even on the run with Rick and Glenn when Negan pulls out Lucille and proves just how badly they should have feared him. It’s safe to say that Carl and Judith aren’t along for that trip either. Will Maggie be with them when Negan makes his infamous kill? Given her leadership role when dealing with the Hilltop, she might have to be with them despite Carol’s recent protest about Maggie taking risks.

Odds are pretty good that they’ll still kill off Glenn or possibly Daryl in his place. Either way, the upcoming death is going to be hard on Rick’s group, and it will be really hard for The Walking Dead fans. We don’t think Negan will start off killing Maggie, Carol, or any of the kids, though because we still have to learn who Negan is on the AMC series. Fans need to learn about his foul-mouthed temperament, the way he runs the Saviors and how they treat him like royalty before he starts to break his own rules. How true to his comic book self do you think Negan will be when he hits the television screen on The Walking Dead on April 3? Check out the video below to learn more about Negan and what we can expect on The Walking Dead.

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