WWE Rumors: Another WWE Superstar Gives Notice To Leave The Company

While WWE has been bringing in a lot of big names and making some huge signings, there are also those that appear to be done with the company. Reports came out about a month ago that King Barrett would be leaving the company when his contract expires. Brie Bella has said she is likely retiring this summer, and will be done with wrestling. Now, another superstar has given their notice to WWE, and some people are said to be very happy with it.

Cageside Seats reported that there is someone at WWE who has given their notice to leave the company, but a name has not yet been revealed. On Saturday, it wasn’t even known if it was a male or female superstar who had given notice.

Going further, Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer has confirmed that he had heard someone has indeed given notice to leave WWE. That news first came around as of Friday on the Bryan and Vinny Show, and it started a huge rumor train.

The name was not given by Alvarez, but he did say that there would be a lot of people thrilled with the fact that this superstar would be leaving WWE. Again, there is still no name and others are starting to chime in on things.

Well, that doesn’t really give confirmation either way to a superstar requesting their release or not. It’s out there and floating around, but still no solid info.

wwe rumors superstar gives notice king barrett dolph ziggler
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Some speculation had been going around, per PWMania, that it was Dolph Ziggler who had put in his notice to leave WWE. Again, that has been neither confirmed nor denied, but it isn’t very likely that it was Ziggler who wants to leave.

There were a lot of rumors last year that Ziggler would not be renewing his contract with WWE and that he was going to go into acting or stand-up comedy full time. There were even rumors that Dolph Ziggler was going to TNA, but those were all unfounded.

Ziggler has recently re-signed with WWE.

wwe rumors superstar gives notice king barrett dolph ziggler
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King Barrett saying he was departing WWE took things over about a month ago, and he is reportedly heading out sometime this summer. He is reportedly not happy with his position in WWE and doesn’t like that he’s apparently hit a glass ceiling, even though he won King of the Ring and is part of the League of Nations stable.

The news coming out months in advance is kind of shocking, and SportsKeeda is even reporting that it is causing some problems for Barrett.

Some superstars are apparently angry and upset with King Barrett for letting the news of his departure come out too early. Ryback even hopped on Twitter to kind of poke fun at him.

A lot of stars are not happy that he’s taking the road of leaving WWE due to creative reasons. A number of mid-card and lower-level talent deal with those exact same problems all the time, but they stay with the company and keep working harder.

If Barrett does leave WWE when his contract expires around SummerSlam, he could end up on the independent scene or maybe return to the U.K.

For now, King Barrett is still with the company. Dolph Ziggler has just re-signed with the company. Yet there is another superstar who has reportedly given notice to leave WWE, and no-one knows who it is, or at least, they’re not telling.

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