Farrah Abraham Calls Amber Portwood's Fiancé A 'Dead Beat,' Explains Why 'Teen Mom OG' Co-Stars Will Never Be On 'Farrah & Friends' [Video]

Farrah Abraham doesn't think much of Teen Mom OG co-star Amber Portwood's fiancé, Matt Baier. Abraham took to Twitter to slam Baier for being a "dead beat" after stories surfaced that he has seven children -- and allegedly does not pay child support for any of them!

According to Design & Trend, six women have come forward claiming Matt is the father of their children, and that he owed them child support. In response to the news, Farrah tweeted her support of the women, writing "I hope all these women are rewarded the support they deserve!! What a dead beat!!"

In an interview with Us magazine, Baier took the opportunity to clarify that he's not a deadbeat. Instead, "[p]eople made the assumption that I was some serial fornicator that was impregnating everybody and then just disappearing," adding that he has five children, not seven as reported.

Although Matt is currently getting married to Amber Portwood, at one time, he was pursuing Farrah Abraham. Over Twitter, Baier suggested MTV should host "a teen mom beauty pageant," adding that Farrah Abraham "would win in a landslide." Over Twitter, he also asked Abraham out, suggesting "Farrah forget online dating... I'd be honored to take u out."

Farrah, who is currently with her "non-boyfriend" Simon Saran, a real-estate broker who recently came to Farrah's rescue when the Teen Mom OG star was attacked by an Uber driver. Farrah described the scary incident on her podcast, Farrah & Friends, recalling that as the driver started to attack her, Abraham called Simon, who stopped the driver. Farrah also called the police, who captured the alleged assailant.

Farrah has an on again, off again relationship with Saran, and in the season finale of Teen Mom OG, the pair went engagement ring shopping together. But now, Farrah claims that she's "not about having a relationship anymore," adding that she and Saran "are still friends."

On her podcast, Farrah also put to rest rumors that she's quitting Teen Mom OG after a bombshell fight with producer Larry Musnik. The fight began when Farrah wanted to take part in another reality show with her mother, and the producer put a stop to it, claiming it violates the reality star's contract with MTV. A tearful Farrah began shouting at the producer, and exclaimed she was quitting the "trashy a** show."

"I did everything on my end, sweetheart, so you can just take your little a** and get on a phone call, and do your job," Abraham hurled at Musnik.

During the episode, Heather Walsh explained why the fight took place, telling listeners that "Larry came in from another shoot and was really tired," concluding that Farrah and Larry "butt heads" frequently, but "I think you butt heads because you care about each other."

Heather Walsh, another producer, also came on Farrah & Friends to discuss the incident. Farrah and Larry were all warm and fuzzy cuddles, admitting that they're "past it," and have "hugged it out" after saying "our apologies to each other." Larry added that while Farrah can have a harsh persona, she is a "forgiving person," adding that Abraham is "truly a good person, and I do love you and I always have."

When it comes to guests on Farrah & Friends, Abraham was clear that her Teen Mom OG co-stars will not be making any appearances. Although Amber Portwood did call into one episode, Farrah is "focused on the up and up," and hoping to avoid "all the Teen Mom bs and made-up controversy that the other girls are about."

What do you think? Should Farrah Abraham interview her Teen Mom OG co-stars on her show? Should she leave Teen Mom OG? Leave a comment below!

[Photo by Jacopo Raule/Getty Images]