Kai Greene's 2016 'Arnold Classic' Bodybuilding Posing Routine Gets 1.8 Million Views On Facebook [Video]

For those who've followed bodybuilder Kai Greene for years, they recognize Kai from his distinctive hairstyle and body and posing routines. As reported by the Inquisitr, the 2016 Arnold Classic bodybuilding show was one that created plenty of buzz, and Greene was a big part of that buzz. As seen in the attached video, Kai brought the house down with his posing routine.

The above video, titled "Kai Greene Posing Routine | Arnold Classic 2016" on YouTube, has gained more than 126,000 views since it was uploaded on March 5.

However, the video of Kai's posing at the 2016 Arnold on Facebook has swelled to nearly two million views on the social sharing network site. On the Facebook account called Gym Memes, Greene's posing routine video was uploaded on March 9, and has gained 1,865,994 views as of this writing, with nearly 15,000 Facebook shares -- and more than 25,000 reactions.

"Kai Greene with the posing routine that has everyone talking..."
Kai's backstory can be seen in the Netflix documentary titled Generation Iron, which was narrated by Mickey Rourke. The bodybuilding documentary took viewers behind the scenes of Greene's life and the lives of other bodybuilders like Phil Heath, as reported by USA Today.

Along with Kai's appearance in the documentary, Greene was joined by popular fitness names and figures such as Branch Warren and Dennis Wolf. The bodybuilders exposed their eating plans, their lifestyles, their homes, and even tanning routines as they went head-to-head to go for the title of Mr. Olympia.

Joining Greene in the documentary was Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno, Michael Jai White, and Busta Rhymes -- men who've made bodybuilding a big part of their lives. The original cult classic film, titled Pumping Iron, from 1977, introduced the world to the charming and boyish Schwarzenegger -- who, along with Ferrigno, was one of the few bodybuilding giants who would actually go on camera to speak about their lives inside the fitness world.

All these years later, it's quite a normal feat to see fitness fanatics speak about their lives and bodybuilding routines. In the above photo, the former governor of California, who is Schwarzenegger, shook hands with Greene for winning the 2009 Arnold Classic bodybuilding competition in Columbus, Ohio.

However, it's the reaction to Kai's rousing 2016 Arnold routine that has the online and offline world of bodybuilders and fans buzzing and commenting once more.

"Kai Greene didn't develop his muscles only but he mastered his posing, he is a true bodybuilding ARTIST!!!! A true philosopher of this sport! I salute him big time."

"Hands down the best Kai Greene we have ever seen on stage. Insane condition, ridiculous fullness, diced to the socks out of the box. Well deserved Arnold win, hope he can bring this package to the Olympia stage this year, I know Phil is worried after seeing him up close."

Not everyone was a fan of the posing Greene displayed in the viral video, though.
"This is just....weird....bodybuilders should learn how to pose like a greek god statue Ed Corney style. Now that was some real posing. Not some weird robotic dancing. But that's just my opinion. Props to Kai Greene for the crazy physique though."

"Look, Kai's very impressive as is this routine but I love my old school bodybuilding. Physique, posing, routines, they just don't sculpt them like they used to."

Despite the varying public opinions, it was a great public comeback for Kai, who was seen in an emotional YouTube video crying over a controversial "ban" from the Mr. Olympia competition in the previous year. Greene experienced issues last year that dealt with contractual signatures and more, as reported by the Inquisitr, which seem to have been cleared up now.



[Photo by AP Photo/Jay LaPrete]