Happy Birthday Arnold Schwarzenegger: The ‘Governator’ Turns 65

Today, July 30th, is Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s birthday. The actor and former governor of California is 65.

The Austria native and pop culture staple officially hits his mid-60s today, causing media outlets to reflect on his life and career, both of which echo the mythical “American Dream.” Following humble beginnings, Schwarzenegger began his career as a bodybuilder, becoming the world’s youngest Mr. Olympia in 1970 at age 23. Though he’s closer to 70 now, body-building and Arnold Schwarzenegger are still synonymous to this day. In 1975 , his career began its second phase when he was chasing his sixth shot at the Mr. Olympia title, reports Yahoo!News. His participation in a documentary titled Pumping Iron brought him to international fame, and introducing the world at large to Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Arnold Schwarzenegger to film.

His breakthrough role came in 1982, with Conan the Barbarian. After that, roles in James Cameron’s Terminator series cemented his place in the Hollywood elite, and solidified Schwarzenegger’s status as a box-office treasure trove.

Schwarzenegger’s marriage to Kennedy family member Maria Shriver foreshadowed a latent interest in politics. Schwarzenegger was elected Governor of California in 2003, and office he held until 2011, reports the Christian Post.

Lately, Schwarzenegger has been the subject of media scrutiny following a revelation of infidelity on his part, which included a love-child that he had been long supporting financially outside of his family’s knowledge. He split from Shriver (though some reports suggest they may be on the mend) and has re-entered film of late, starring in the upcoming Sylvester Stallone action flick Expendables 2.

Schwarzenegger shares his July 30th birthday alongside French actor Jean Reno, American musician Otis Taylor, indie-director Richard Linklater, actor Laurence Fishburne, actress Vivica A. Fox, and comedian Tom Green.

Schwarzenegger’s son, Patrick (who has been identifying as “Patrick Shriver” of late), took to Twitter today to wish “the best father in the world” a happy 65th.

Happy 65th birthday to Arnold Schwarzenegger from IQ as well!