Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton Show Love At Kids Choice Awards: New Album To Share ‘Juicy’ Split & ‘Crazy’ Romance

Gwen Stefani couldn’t attend the Kids’ Choice Awards in person, but Blake Shelton’s devoted girlfriend definitely made her presence known even before Blake began hosting the popular show. As Shelton was viewing the “artist canvas wall” at the Forum in Inglewood, California, prior to hosting the 2016 Kids Choice Awards on Saturday, his eyes went straight to Gwen’s picture, reported People.

“There’s No Doubt,” proclaimed Blake. “I like those … those guys a lot. One of ’em a lot.”

When Gwen learned about her beau’s remark from a fan, she retweeted the video to show her appreciation.

In addition, although Stefani could not attend the Kids Choice Awards in person, she cheered on Shelton faithfully with tweets showcasing her boyfriend’s hosting visibility.

But that’s not the only way Gwen revealed her love by Blake at the Kids Choice Awards. The next best thing to being there herself? Send a mini-me in the form of children and keep on tweeting.

Shelton has formed a close bond with Stefani’s sons, and the little boys attended to show their support, reported ET.

Blake had initially urged Gwen to go to the Kids Choice Awards with her sons, and since she couldn’t make it because she was in Japan, Stefani fulfilled at least part of her wish with her excited little boys.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton paraded PDA at the 2016 Vanity Fair Oscar Party.

But Gwen admitted that she was bummed she could not attend, showing her love for Blake with a tweet.

“@AllThingsKCAs omg I love social media = wish I could be there too!” posted Stefani. “Too many good things at once #Japan #KCA #Misery GX.”

Blake triumphed as host of the Kids’ Choice Awards from the opening to the end, noted E! News. Those joining Shelton included Storm Troopers, Nick Jonas, Adam Levine, Selena Gomez and Chewbacca, with Blake boasting about his appearance.

Blake Shelton had a blast hosting the Nickelodeon's 2016 Kids' Choice Awards.

“Make-up!” yelled Shelton. “Who am I kidding? You’ll never change, Blake. You tall, good-looking drink of water you.”

Blake also entertained the entranced crowd with a slime blast for some of the audience. And yup, Shelton allowed himself to be slimed too, just showing another reason why he’s such a hit with Stefani’s boys.

As the Inquisitr reported, Gwen’s sons adore Blake, and because the youngest, Apollo, who is 2, calls Shelton “Bwake,” that’s become the boys’ adorable nickname for the country crooner who plays with them.

As for how Gwen feels about having gone through a challenging breakup from Gavin Rossdale and finding love with Shelton, she described it as “crazy,” reported People.

Blake Shelton canoodles with Gwen Stefani at the Pre-GRAMMY Gala.

Stefani confessed her surprise in discovering love with Blake just after he also survived a rough split (from his ex-wife Miranda Lambert).

“[Shelton] had been going through literally the exact same thing in literally the exact same time frame,” pointed out Gwen. “Never in my wildest, craziest dreams would I ever have seen this [romance] coming.”

As for what caused her breakup with Gavin, Stefani played coy.

“It’s a really good, juicy story,” teased Gwen. “If I could, I would just tell you everything, and you would just be in shock.”

However, a source told People that Stefani learned last year that Rossdale had been having an affair with the family nanny. Gwen only now is admitting how hurt she was.

“I’m gonna die,” Stefani recalled thinking. “I am dead, actually. How do I save myself? What am I going to do? How do I not go down like this?”

Songwriting saved Stefani, with her This Is What the Truth Feels Like album set for release March 18.

“Being in that room and being creative, it was the only place that felt good – I was like, I love the smell of this room,” explained Gwen. “It’s almost like one of those movies where they discover they have magic. When I was able to write a song, that’s when I found my whole self.”

However, as Us Weekly pointed out, Stefani‘s new “Misery,” which she released on March 10 and is part of her upcoming new album, left some wondering if Gwen was singing about Rossdale or Shelton.

“I got so used to being ’round you boy / I’m trying not to care, but where’d you go? / I’m doing my best to be sensible / I’m trying not to care. You’re like drugs, you’re like drugs to me / I’m so into you totally.”

The highly-anticipated album, This Is What the Truth Feels Like, is known to cover both that “juicy” split from Rossdale and hot hook-up with Shelton. It marks the third solo album from Stefani.

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