WWE News: Vince McMahon Had A Surprising Reaction To Sami Zayn’s Return To The Main Roster

WWE NXT star Sami Zayn has had quite a year. Last summer, he was set to come up to the main roster but sadly got hurt working a match with John Cena. Well, he technically was hurt upon his entrance but the match didn’t help things. WWE has since tried to make us remember it as a match that hurt him, meanwhile Kevin Owens wants us to remember it a bit differently. He attacked his former best friend on his debut night, the same night Zayn won the NXT Championship.

It was a big night for Zayn, as he accomplished a goal of his and won his first title in WWE. Owens did not want to wait in the back of the line and ended up getting a title shot where he won the NXT Title and held onto it for a while. Then, once Zayn was hurt and had to have surgery that would cost him the rest of 2015, Owens got the spot Zayn was going to get on the main roster. Owens stole two things from Zayn and the storyline between the two has been fantastic.

That is why Zayn has seemingly set out to take two things from Owens. He cost him the Royal Rumble win and there’s a good shot he takes the WWE Intercontinental Championship from him as well. The NXT rivalry was great but there’s a good chance we see a great main roster rivalry with the two of them as well. It seems that even the WWE Chairman likes what he sees as well.

Zayn Owens

According to Daily Wrestling News, Vince McMahon was quite pleased with the reaction Zayn managed to get when he came out to attack Owens this past week in Chicago on WWE RAW.

Vince has been known to praise Sami Zayn’s in-ring work, which is interesting to see. Vince normally doesn’t care for guys of Zayn’s size, as he normally enjoys seeing talent that are a bit bigger than him. However, Sami Zayn as been impressive for some time in almost every match he has had whether it was on NXT or the main roster.

There has been some acknowledgement that Sami Zayn may never win a WWE World Title or be the face of the company, but there is a good chance he could win the WWE IC Title as as well as be a huge part of the mid-card. Of course the same was assumed for Daniel Bryan as well.

McMahon reportedly has interest in putting Sami Zayn in the IC Title picture. It is a big deal for him to be thrown into a WrestleMania angle right away, but for a championship it means even more. There is a respect you have to have with McMahon for him to give you something like that.

Zayn, Miz, Owens

The problem right now is that WrestleMania may yet again feature a multi-man match for the IC Title. There have been rumblings of Ryback vs Kalisto for the WWE United States Title, which doesn’t make much sense as fans do not care for such a match.

Fans do want to see Zayn vs Owens on the WrestleMania stage, so it might be best to give the one on one match to Owens and Zayn and allow the U.S. Title to be the multi-man match this year.

It would be pretty dumb to have the same title in the same situation as last year, so we can probably expect things to change up from the plans once made due to the buzz surrounding Zayn. WWE has been setting up a good bit of random circumstances to make this multi-man match occur though. We will have to see if they go through with everything. However the money match for WrestleMania 32 involving a mid-card title truly is Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn as they have spent over a year telling it.

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