Kris Jenner’s Lie Detector Test: ‘Momager’ Explains ‘Affair’, Khloe’s Parentage, Etc.

Is Kris Jenner cheating on hubby Bruce? The Daughters Kardashian decided that “enough is enough,” and hooked dear old mom up to a lie detector test to settle the score once and for all.

For weeks, the mass media has been speculating whether or not Kris Jenner is running around on husband Bruce Jenner with Todd Waterman, an old flame that contributed to the demise of her first marriage. Rumors got especially nasty following last week’s episode, featuring Kris spying on Bruce’s “golf date” with Ms. Everhart, and her decision to go and just get a drink with ex Waterman (which, incidentally, is what most affair-confessions start with).

Now Kris met up with Todd once again, who even offered to whisk her away to a more private locale. But for some reason, the 56-year-old Kris just didn’t feel the burn of extramarital desire 23 years after her initial affair, and decided to excuse herself. Kris doused her crush on Waterman and almost-affair, notes RadarOnline. “I think that this dinner has taught me a lot of things,” Kris said. “And it’s nice to know that I made the right decision, and I’m just really glad that I’m going home to Bruce Jenner.”

Kris did just that, but it wasn’t exactly the warm reception she was hoping for.

“I wanted to tell you I appreciate you and that I may have been fantasizing about somebody for the last 23 years that didn’t deserve that recognition,” said Kris, according to MSN.

“Explain to me why you saw this a**hole … what an idiot you are! I don’t even know how I can trust you — I can’t believe you did this!” screamed Bruce after Kris confessed to the affair.

A phalanx of cross-armed Kardashian’s, Kim, Kourtney and Khloe, took Bruce’s side in the confession, reports the Daily Mail. “What a little whore! Why would you give him the satisfaction? Wouldn’t you just want him to [think] you don’t exist?” argued Kourtney, who suggested a lie detector test – in order for Kim to prove her love for Bruce.

So Kris agreed to the polygraph, answering question devised by her own daughters. Questions beyond the Waterman affair, and questions that have needed answers for some time. So the results? In brief, Kim is Kris’s favorite, Robert Kardashian is indeed Khloe’s biological father, Kris has always paid the girls their fair share of the Kardashian fortunes, and no, Kris is not in love with Todd Waterman.

“I passed the lie detector test,” a relieved Kris said. “Hopefully, my family will realize that I’ve been telling the truth all along, and they’ll leave me alone.”

Shortly thereafter, Kris and Bruce absconded to Malibu, California, in order to mend their relationship, ending the episode on an emotional high note.

Watch Kris’s confession here: