Taco Bell Is Getting In On The Breakfast Menu Action With This Budget-Friendly Deal

The breakfast Gods have answered our prayers yet again with Taco Bell’s $1 Morning Value Menu. The fast food chain launched a menu with 10 items of deliciousness, including four brand new options.

In a not-so ground breaking study conducted by Taco Bell, “84 percent of consumers cite their radical preference to spend $1 vs. more than $1,” and “when thinking about $1 breakfast items, 80 percent say Americans should be given the option to have breakfast with bacon.” So, in order to appease consumers and stick with the facts, Taco Bell unleashed a discounted breakfast menu. And, yes, it involves a lot of bacon.

“We believe firmly in the power of research and strive to deeply understand our customers. We also believe firmly in the power of the painfully obvious,” said Marisa Thalberg, Chief Marketing Officer for Taco Bell Corp. “Our survey results were completely expected: Americans would rather pay less and have more choice. And of course, they love bacon for breakfast.”

Thalberg continued, “While dollar menus disappear across America, Taco Bell is continuing to reinvent breakfast with delicious and unique menu items only Taco Bell can provide, with 10 items for $1 each.”

“When we first launched breakfast in 2014, our goal was to give our consumers classic breakfast tastes — in a uniquely Taco Bell way,” Thalberg said.

$1 Morning Value Menu. And everything is actually $1.

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According to Emili Matsumura, brand manager for Taco Bell Corp., the new and improved morning menu is a complete overhaul and expansion of the original value offerings, bringing more choice and different flavors than ever before.

“What our consumers told us is that as they look around at the breakfast landscape, when it came to everyday value, they saw something lacking,” Matsumura told Nation’s Restaurant News. “They’ve really started to see prices creep up over the last couple of years.”

“Consumers expect value from Taco Bell,” she added. “So we had to translate that to breakfast.”

The new $1 Morning Value Menu contains four new items with a twist, including: The Mini Skillet Bowl – a “delicious breakfast bowl filled with seasoned breakfast potatoes, fluffy scrambled eggs, warm melty cheese and freshly-prepared Pico de Gallo;” The Breakfast Soft Taco – a “warm flour tortilla filled with fluffy scrambled eggs, the choice of flavorful bacon or delicious sausage, and real cheddar cheese;” and finally, the Sausage Flatbread Quesadilla – a “pillowy flatbread filled with a three-cheese blend, delicious sausage, and fluffy scrambled eggs, grilled to seal in all the flavors.”

The new breakfast items will join Taco Bell’s previous breakfast options, including the Grilled Breakfast Burrito, available with bacon, sausage or Fiesta Potato, hash brown, Cinnabon Delights 2 Pack and Mountain Dew Kickstart Orange Citrus.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Taco Bell’s breakfast offerings represent just about six percent of total sales now, in contrast to McDonald’s, where breakfast represents about 25 percent of sales.

Taco Bell’s new $1 Morning Value Menu was created to differentiate itself in the fast food industry that is slowly beginning to pull away from the traditional dollar menu for bundled items. Wendy’s replaced its dollar menu for one with prices in the range of $1 to $5 in 2015, Time reported.

Last year, McDonald’s launched an all-day breakfast menu, gradually phasing out its own dollar menu and replacing it with the McPick 2, which allows customers to choose two menu items for $2.

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