'Captain America: Civil War' Spoilers: Bucky's Fate Revealed In New Trailer?

Several Captain America: Civil War spoilers were revealed in the new trailer released on March 10. Four spoilers were noticed within the clips, but none completely ruined the film. They mainly teased viewers with glimpses of surprising plot points. However, there were two potentially major spoilers. One was clearly seen, and the other you probably missed unless you have the eyes of an eagle. Rather than examining them in the order that they appeared, let's look at the mildest first.

Be warned that in addition to mild spoilers from the upcoming movie, some details of past movies and the comic books will be discussed.

The first spoiler in the Captain America: Civil War trailer emerges at the beginning. The opening scene shows Captain America looking over his shoulder to see The Winter Soldier (aka Bucky Barnes). Sebastian Stan reprises his role as The Winter Soldier, and while it not a surprise that Stan's character is in the film, it is somewhat surprising that Captain America seems to be teaming up with him. This is especially true since several clips show Bucky instigating violent conflict with Ironman. If you have watched the previous movies, or are a fan of the comic, you will know that after Bucky becomes a brain-washed Russian assassin called The Winter Soldier, he and the Capt. have a shaky relationship. What was once congenial, became adversarial.

The second Captain America: Civil War spoiler also involves Bucky. At one point, we see The Winter Soldier fire a shot that appears to hit War Machine, sending him crashing to the ground. The attack is not so much the spoiler here as is the result. After War machine plows into the ground, Ironman runs to him and removes his mask and he appears to be dead. Now he may just be unconscious, but if he is gravely wounded this becomes a major plot spoiler. Fortunately, the clip leaves the viewer wondering, so it remains a minor tease.

The Captain America: Civil War spoilers conclude with the revelation that Spiderman will be in the movie. At the end of the trailer, Ironman seems to be in a tense confrontation with Captain America.

He says, "Alright. I've run out of patience." Then he yells, "Underoos!"

Webbing then connects with the Captain's shield, ripping it out of his grasp and another glob binds his hands together. Spiderman then flips onto the screen landing on a vehicle.

"Hey everyone," he says in the young sounding voice of Tom Holland who will be playing the web slinger.

This is a major revelation, but it is only to the viewers delight and is likely going to help generate hype for the film.

The final Captain America: Civil War spoiler was almost surely missed by everyone watching the trailer as a normal human being would, but one could say that the users on reddit are anything but normal. According to Cinema Blend, a redditor spotted a frame in the film that shows Bucky lying lifeless on the ground behind Captain America as he and Ironman exchange blows.

The shot is very quick, only a couple of frames, but if you pause it quickly around the 2:05 mark you can see The Winter Soldier lying on the ground in the background with his bionic arm ripped off. Is he dead? Whose to say, but considering that the Captain is struggling in his battle and not willing to give up, it would be safe to say he's not happy with Ironman about the situation. Remember that while Captain America and The Winter Soldier have their differences, Bucky was still his sidekick and best buddy during the war. Even in his conflicts with The Winter Soldier, they were eventually able to hash things out.

It is doubtful that any of these revelations will ruin the movie experience. Most moviegoers love trailers since they get a glimpse of what to expect. Some of these glimpses may be more than they wanted to see perhaps, but usually they do not ruin the film. If anything, tiny spoilers like this entice viewers into seeing the film to see if their assumptions were correct. Is the knowledge of Bucky lying on the ground with his arm torn off and possibly dead an enormous spoiler?

Captain America: Civil War opens in theaters May 6. The cost of admission is all it takes to go find out.

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