‘Big Brother Canada’ 4 Week 3 Spoilers: HOH Loveita Makes Nominations for Eviction, POV Winner Revealed

The third week of Big Brother Canada season 4 is underway and a new Head of Household (HOH) has taken the reigns. The HOH competition took place not long after the house mates decided to evict Sharry, who was on the chopping block along with Loveita after Jared, the week 2 HOH, nominated the two women.

Loveita, who could have been sent packing, is now the current HOH, as seen on the last Big Brother Canada episode. Although in some respects the game feels as though it has just begun, this is Loveita’s second stint as HOH, as she won that esteemed designation the first week. During her rule, she nominated Kelsey and Jared for eviction, which was the main reason Jared put her up for eviction.

One would think that Loveita would now choose to retaliate, as is common in the Big Brother universe, and nominate Jared or those in his clique to get the boot. That was not the case, however, and Loveita went a different route with her nominations.

According to Big Brother Network, after Loveita vacillated from person to person in her quest to choose her two nominees, she decided to place two women on the block: Cassandra and Christine. It could be possible that Loveita was more than slightly upset with Christine, who won the Power of Veto (POV) during week 2 of Big Brother Canada and refused to take either her or Sharry off the chopping block with the power.

Joker’s Updates has revealed that Loveita has been heard on the live feeds broadcast from inside the Big Brother Canada house that she believes Cassandra is disingenuous and seems to go from one person to another as it suits her. Additionally, prior to that, Tim, the Australian Big Brother winner who has most of the other house guests charmed, told Loveita that Cassandra has gotten under his skin and he does not want to fall in love in the Big Brother Canada house. He further told Loveita that he believes Cassandra may be using him and if she is up for eviction, he will vote for her to go home, according to Joker’s Updates.

It could also be a possibility that Loveita may decide to backdoor another cast member by ensuring that whoever wins the POV uses it on one of her current nominees. If that is the case, she can then nominate the player who is her true target and almost guarantee he or she will be sent home.

On Saturday, the POV competition was held and one cast member was victorious. According to Joker’s Updates, at around 11 p.m. Dallas won the week 3 Big Brother Canada POV. The website indicates that Tim hosted the event, while Dallas, Phil, and Jared were picked to participate along with the HOH and the nominated house guests.

Joker’s Updates notes that Cassandra has been trying to convince Loveita that the POV should be used to save her. Loveita, however, is still upset about a derogatory comment made by Cassandra after the HOH was won.

If someone was to be considered for a backdoor option, Joker’s Updates reports that the two brothers – Nick and Phillipe – are being looked at. However, Loveita was also heard telling Mitch that the two bros would never be backdoored.

It appears that Jared and his crew are not even at risk for a backdoor move, as Loveita was overheard telling Dallas she made a deal with Jared to keep him safe. This was apparently a move that was made in exchange for his clique – Raul and Kelsey – keeping Loveita safe in the upcoming weeks of the game.

Although this is the current mood in the “Big Brother Canada” house, when wheeling and dealing takes place amongst cast members, things can change in an instant. So, if a new target appears prior to the POV ceremony, a back door may be a valid consideration in order to send a strong player home.

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