World Naked Bike Race Organized To Raise Awareness About Body Image And Oil Dependency [video]

World Naked Bike Race events were organized to raise awareness for cyclist rights, promote a positive body and to support reducing American dependence upon foreign oil. Approximately 500 folks showed up for the St. Louis World Naked Bike Race held over the weekend- under the cover of night. Local KDSK notes the naked cyclists have Facebook fans from 70 United States cities and 20 countries. World Naked Bike Race events have been held in multiple cities around the globe during warm weather months.

Organizers of World Naked Bike Race (WBNR) events insist that riding in the buff is not the least bit more uncomfortable than riding in typical athletic gear. The legality of riding a bike naked in public varies by country and the WBNR website cautions potential city ride organizers and cyclists to follow local laws. Lewd naked behavior is strictly prohibited. The World Naked Bike Race3s were designed to raise awareness about social issues and not be perceived as a naughty college prank.

You do not even need to own a bicycle to participate in the next World Naked Bike Race. Event participants can register on virtually any type of body-powered contraption – roller skates, rickshaws. unicycles and skateboards are not uncommon. WNBR participants are permitted to “go as bare as they dare” and are not required to be totally nude to enter the bike race.

A family-friendly atmosphere abounds at World Naked Bike Races. The nude bike rides are designed to foster a “non-sexualized nudist environment, according to the bike race website. The naked bike riding events have drawn both cheers and jeers from the media due to the number of children riding bicycles or watching from the sidelines, The Blaze reports.

“The idea that somehow children are negatively affected by non-sexualized nudity is a myth. Children are more likely to be curious if nudity was discouraged in their family. The only thing prudish parents have to worry about is that their children might want to get naked themselves if it looks like people are having fun. As children grow older they are more likely to resent repressive parents if they think they lack common sensibilities.” – posting on the World Naked Bike Race website.