Alan Hruby Pleads Guilty To Killing Father, Mother, And Sister

A 20-year-old former Oklahoma University student has accepted a plea bargain in order to escape the death penalty. Alan Hruby pleaded guilty to three charges of first-degree murder in the killings of his father, mother, and sister in October 2014. He was sentenced to three consecutive life terms in prison without parole. He also waived his rights to appeal.

According to Yahoo News, Hruby was angry because his father, John Hruby, 50, had cut him off financially due to irresponsible spending habits. He stole his father’s gun from his vehicle to commit the murders, and then attended a post-football game party afterwards with his friends.

Hruby’s father was publisher of the Marlow Review, a weekly small town newspaper in a town about 80 miles outside of Oklahoma City. The family also owned The Duncan Banner for three generations before selling it in 1997. John Hruby was vice president of the Oklahoma Press Association before he died.

Hruby’s mother, Joy “Tinker” Hruby, 48, and sister, Katherine Hruby, 17, were also among his victims.

Richard Stein, Jr., Alan Hruby’s grandfather, led the family’s call for swift justice in a letter to the court. He requested that Hruby be sentenced to prison without the possibility of parole.

“We feel that if Alan is given the death sentence I will go to my grave not seeing justice carried out.”

The judge accepted the plea deal presented by Hruby’s attorneys and added the stipulations that he is not to make contact with any of his relatives and that he does not make any statements to the media.

District Attorney Jason Hicks supported the family in their resolve to see Hruby imprisoned for life. Hicks stated that Hruby is an “evil person” and that the only reason that he agreed to resolve the case with a plea agreement was because the family requested that he do so. He wanted to spare them the stress of going to trial.

“No one is going to hear from him again and I think that’s a good thing, especially a good thing for this family.”

District Judge Ken Graham honored that request and accepted the plea deal.

According to Duncan Banner, additional elements of the plea agreement included that he explain what happened during the murder and that he does not profit in any way from the murders.

About 50 people sat in court to witness Hruby’s confession of guilt. He was said to look malnourished when he appeared in the courtroom and stood before the judge. At one point, Hruby broke down in tears and was visibly trembling as he described the events leading up to the murder.

Hruby fired five shots from a 9mm weapon to kill his three victims. Their bodies were not discovered until five days later by the family’s housekeeper. Investigators surmise that Hruby killed his mother first, then his sister, and finally his father.

Alan Hruby had already had an encounter with the law before the killings. In August 2013, he illegally charged $5000 on his grandmother’s credit card while he vacationed in Europe. He served time on that case in addition to probation. He was also ordered to undergo substance abuse evaluation, attend drug and alcohol counseling, complete a cognitive behavioral program, and to pay restitution.

Hruby initially confessed to his family’s murders in 2015, writing a letter to The Oklahoman expressing his guilt.

“I 100 percent welcome the death penalty. What occurred is so horrible it is deserved. It is so unspeakable.”

Later in August 2015 he changed his plea to not guilty.

Alan Hruby’s remaining family has disowned him, according to News on 6. As they left the Stephens County courthouse on the day of his sentencing they told him, “have mercy on your soul.”

[Photo by Stephens County Sheriff’s Office/AP Images]