Dr. Conrad Murray Says Vial Of Propofol Proves His Innocence In Michael Jackson Death

Michael Jackson’s former doctor and convicted felon Dr. Conrad Murray is still claiming his innocence and he has asked an appeals court to let him test a theory he believes will prove his innocence.

Murray has had his lawyer’s will file a new motion in which he claims a vial of Proposol can prove he did not provide Michael Jackson with a deadly dose of Propofol. Murray has asked a judge to allow forensic testing to search for lidocaine traces on the vial.

During the original Michael Jackson trial the prosecution claims that Murray hooked MJ up to an IV bag and administered the deadly dose of Propofol and then left MJ alone as he left the roof for a short period of time. The prosecution also claimed that the Propofol was mixed with lidocaine to ease the feelings of the drug.

Dr. Conrad Murray claims that if tested the vial will show no traces of lidocaine which will prove that Michael Jackson injected himself with a pure dose of Propofol.

The judge presiding over the original case has already denied testing on the vial on two separate occasions, claiming that Dr. Conrad Murray had the chance to make the testing request before the trial began.

The new motion for testing will be filed by Dr. Conrad Murray’s team in California on Monday. The approval for new testing could take months to complete while the court makes a final decision regarding the appeal.

Do you think Dr. Conrad Murray killed Michael Jackson?