‘Go Back To Africa!’ — White Trump Supporter Yells, Curses At Black Woman In Cleveland [Video]

The following video of a white male wearing a camouflage hoodie yelling “Go back to Africa!” is quickly going viral online. The “Go back to Africa” video adds to the latest list of troubles that have popped up surrounding Trump rallies, which have been criticized for being a breeding ground for violent interactions. As reported by the Inquisitr, a journalist for CBS News named Sopan Deb was thrown to the ground, handcuffed, arrested, and had his neck stepped on by police even after telling authorities that he had identification and press credentials.

The “Go back to Africa” melee took place in Cleveland, the location where a black pastor gave a rousing introduction to Trump — a video that’s gaining lots of views on YouTube, plenty of Facebook shares, and mixed reviews all across social networking sites like Twitter. However, the below “Go back to Africa” video is also gaining its share of views, retweets, and outrage.

The video appears on the Twitter account of Tony Dokoupil, a national reporter for MSNBC and author.

As reported by BuzzFeed, the interaction of the man yelling “Go back to Africa!” occurred on Saturday in Cleveland. Dokoupil said the man yelling “Go back to Africa” was a Trump supporter. The action took place outdoors on Saturday at the Trump rally, and featured the unnamed man reasoning that since blacks want to be called African-American, and since that term places Africa first in the location-themed race distinction, blacks should go back to Africa.

However, all that yelling at a black woman to go back to Africa didn’t sit well with those surrounding the man. Plenty of folks surrounding him can be seen recording video of the man with their smartphone as he screams his rationale for yelling at African-Americans to go back to Africa. Sporting a Cleveland Indians “snap back” baseball cap, the man seemed to make others around him plenty uncomfortable as he yelled for the black woman to go back to Africa.

“You call yourself an African-American, go back to Africa! If you’re an African first, go back to Africa.”

In her own defense, a black woman stepped forward and screamed back at the Trump supporter. The African-American woman spoke about the slave trade when she yelled at the Caucasian male, screaming at him that it was his race that delivered blacks to the American shores in the first place.

“Y’all brought us here.”

Another African-American can be partially seen in the video, pulling the woman away from the man who yells at them to go back to Africa, as if they are trying to save the woman from a worse confrontation.

Meanwhile, others in the crowd began to argue with the man yelling for blacks to go back to Africa. Someone yells from the crowd that the Caucasian man should return to his continent of origin, since he is yelling for blacks to return to Africa.

“Go back to Europe!”

The man screams that he believes “blacks murder other inner city blacks,” and then devolves into a cursing match against the black woman and a white woman in the crowd. The video shows others trying to calm the man down.

On Facebook, the “Go back to Africa” language is causing a myriad of reactions from folks who’ve watched the video.

“And they say that Trump doesn’t attract racists!”

According to the BBC, Jedidiah Brown was told to return to Africa when Brown attended the cancelled Trump rally in Chicago.

“I was told to go back to Africa. I’ve been called a lot of racial slurs.”

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Trump was speaking to a crowd in Cleveland at a rally at the I-X Center on Saturday, March 12.

[AP Photo/Tony Dejak]