Rebel Wilson Spends Birthday At The Gym; Warns Others About Effects Of Drink Spiking

Rebel Wilson has become a great role model to many actresses who believe that only pretty girls achieve success in Hollywood. The Australian comedian and Pitch Perfect star has sent a positive message for women around the world stressing upon the fact that one can succeed regardless of one’s looks and weight. Rebel believes that one must not comply with any kind of stereotype for becoming successful. Instead, she encourages women to be inspired by people based on their personalities and not by their physical features. Rebel often recalls how she was unfairly ridiculed by the critics for being overweight. However, she took control of the criticism and turned it to her advantage by continually landing roles in films.

Her confidence and positive attitude played a key role in paving the way for her professional success, and now she has started to make an effort to help other women build the same level of self-esteem.

Today, Rebel Wilson is one of the biggest stars in the world of showbiz and she has managed to carve a niche for herself in Hollywood. She exudes confidence and desires to live a healthy life full of energy and zest. Last week, Daily Mail reported that Rebel celebrated her 36th birthday along with Pitch Perfect 2 costars in Los Angeles. The raucous and vibrant birthday party was followed by a partial reunion of the fictional Barden Bellas; an all-female capella group featured in the blockbuster musical comedy.

And living in Los Angeles has enabled her to adhere to a strict health and fitness schedule. She manages to stick to her fitness regime irrespective of the hectic promotional activities and tours which are scheduled before the release of a movie. Daily Mail also reported that Rebel resumed gym workouts as soon as she returned to Los Angeles after completing the promotional tour of her latest film How to Be Single. Instead of enjoying the downtime, she headed straight for the treadmill. Her celebrity status and a busy schedule are not deterring her from following the fitness program. She even adhered to her workout schedule even on the day of her birthday and, according to Daily Mail, she intends to remain committed to maintaining good health even while promoting her latest film.

Rebel Wilson believes that a caring and positive attitude is the key for developing a confident personality. And she prefers to care more about her fans rather than pondering over the cruel taunts that aim to destroy her self-esteem. In 2015, Rebel told Cosmopolitan, “I am about the brain, the heart and what’s on the inside”.

Recently, People reported that Rebel was drugged at a nightclub in Los Angeles. She made it a point to issue a warning to her fans urging them to be careful of the drinks that are served as she thinks that her drink was spiked. The Brothers Grimsby actress recounted the incident by warning everyone to be aware of the symptoms which could suggest that their drink has been spiked. She cautioned her fans to act as soon as possible and safeguard themselves if they feel heavily intoxicated or disoriented.

Ultimately in the world of showbiz, it can be tempting for celebrities to focus only on their own goals and objectives, so is no surprise then that Rebel Wilson is one of the most adorable and lovable celebrity. Her high spirits will continue to make her appear captivating in both real and reel life.

[Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images]