Simon Cowell Knight Rumors Grow For HM Queen’s Birthday? Bets Being Placed

Will Simon Cowell be addressed by “Sir” from now on? Simon Cowell is many things to many people, and now he may also become a knight thanks to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth … if rumors are true.

Although headlines can appear to be somewhat misleading, Simon Cowell is not officially going to get knighted just yet (if at all). Instead, there will be some intrigue leading up to a ceremony in June where Queen Elizabeth knights a limited number of people from a group called the “Honours List,” — but it does not mean that Simon Cowell is definitely going to become a knight.

Simon Cowell may find he is knighted in 2016

Interestingly, Daily Star quotes Simon Cowell during an early March audition for America’s Got Talent stating that he would love to be president or a king — but perhaps he can settle for the title of “Sir Simon.”

As far as the genesis of these rumors, Unreality TV reports that Simon Cowell might be a part of Queen Elizabeth’s “Honours List” that is presented twice a year — but no official announcements about this have been posted to the British Government’s official website.

While this information may be from insiders, there are no official statements online that say Simon Cowell was invited to any of the Queen’s parties, events, or was added to the “Honours List.”

To be blunt, one of the “sources” of these rumors about Simon Cowell could be the betting companies in the U.K. At the moment, gambling companies in the U.K. are putting Simon Cowell’s knighthood on their books, and it is not the first time he has been entered into bets for knighthood.

Currently, the Ladbrokes betting company has announced that they think Simon Cowell has a good chance to get the knighthood title and “slashed odds of him being made Sir Simon from 2-1 to 4-5.”

Where did the idea to bet on Simon Cowell to become a knight begin? Starting in 2009, Simon Cowell was getting recommendations from his approving audiences that he should become a knight.

Simon Cowell often hangs out with royalty

The Telegraph reports that, in 2009, Simon Cowell’s fans were asking the public to nominate him to be knighted and one fan stated the following about why he was important enough to get that honor.

“Cowell has transformed Saturday evening television. For the first time in a generation, entire families are sitting down together in front of the box.”

In 2010, Simon Cowell was added to betting books concerning his chances to get the knighthood, according to the Mirror, and it appears that it was the first instance of him being a part of a gambling scheme. About the possibility of winning, Simon Cowell said that he would tell the Queen “You call that knighting?” if he got the title.

In 2015, his name appeared on the betting books, once again, and, according to the Daily Star, and Simon Cowell knighthood bet was included along with “Kim Kardashian gets bottom reduction surgery” and “Justin Bieber becomes a father.”

The Daily Mail reports on May 19, 2010 that “I’d say my chances of being knighted were zero, in fact, below zero. But I never did all this to get a knighthood. I am very lucky to do what I do and feel privileged.”

So given the current rumors, what are the changes that Simon Cowell could end up on Her Majesty’s “Honours List” this time around?

Editors Note: In a March 13 story about famed producer Simon Cowell, The Inquisitr erroneously reported that Cowell was the founder of the wildlife conservation charity Wildlife Aid. The actual founder and CEO of Wildlife Aid is in fact Mr. Simon Cowell MBE.

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