Julian Assange Sends In Ecuadorian Asylum Support, Mom To The Rescue

When all else failed WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange turned to his mom for help in his fight to receive Ecuadorian asylum. In an attempt to help her son Christine Assange will arrive in the capital city Quito on Saturday to speak with Ecuadorian officials about their stance on human rights.

According to the state-run El Ciudadano website Christine Assange said:

“Surely, the president and his staff will make the best decision.”

Assange has been staying at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London since June 19. Assange entered the embassy and asked for political asylum in order to avoid extradition to Sweden on rape charges. It is largely believed that Sweden would quickly extradite Julian Assange to the United States following his rape trial.

Christine Assange believes if her son is sent to the United States he:

“Could expect a sentence of death or many years in prison with torture as they are doing now with Bradley Manning.”

Christine adds:

“If they did that to a U.S. citizen, they would have fewer qualms about doing it to a foreigner.”

Manning is the U.S. Army Intelligence analyst who provided Julian Assange and Wikileaks with thousands of the State Department documents that were eventually shared by Wikileaks.

For the last month Ecuador has been “weighing” the options in regards to the Assange asylum request while officials in London have promised to arrest Assange the moment he steps away from the Ecuadorian embassy.

Ecuadoria President Rafael Correa recently said the case was “under review” and that because “political crimes” in the United States can lead to capital punishment Julian Assange could be granted his asylum request.

According to Correa he is not afraid of repercussions taken against his country if Assange is granted asylum, he notes:

“We have to see whether everything that’s being done in the case of Julian Assange is compatible with … the constitution and our view of human rights, political rights and due process.”