Are Waist Trainers Dangerous? Princess Shyngle Uses Device To Achieve 22-Inch Waist, Hospitalized With Kidney Disease

Princess Shyngle, the African actress best known for her curvaceous figure, has been hospitalized with kidney problems. With the news of her hospitalization, many have blamed her waist trainer for the medical issues noting the controversial devices can cause kidney problems. This has left many to wonder, what does the medical community have to say about waist trainers?

The Daily Mail reports that Princess Shyngle has been hospitalized with kidney problems. The 24-year-old African actress posted images of her arm hooked up to an IV in a hospital noting she was suffering from kidney disease.

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The curvaceous actress typically uses her Instagram page to show off her perfect, hour-glass shaped figure. Shyngle says that her waist is just 22-inches and that a waist trainer has been used to help her maintain the look. However, she notes that she is naturally fit with large hips, which measure in at 44-inches, but reveals that the controversial beauty device is responsible for her tiny waist.

“I exercise every single day, I don’t have to go to the gym but I make sure I do my sit-ups at home. I drink my green tea, warm water and lemon every day and I am always on a diet. Naturally, I have always been curvy. The slim waist is the result of waist training but the figure is God given.”

Unfortunately, it seems that Princess Shyngle’s signature look could be responsible for her hospitalization and kidney disease. According to Yahoo! News, doctors are warning women of the risks of long-term waist training use. Andrew Miller, MD, a New York City-based plastic surgeon, told the publication that waist trainers can cause a whole host of medical issues if worn for days, weeks, or months at a time. Miller says that the waist trainers act as a sort of external gastric bypass by compressing the stomach to the point it can’t take in more than a few bites of food at a time. Therefore, Miller says that anyone not eating much will lose weight but it may not be healthy.

However, by compressing the stomach to this point, it makes it more difficult for the body to digest the food that was consumed. Therefore, waist trainers can cause acid reflux and gastrointestinal issues.

“You’re compressing your stomach so much that when you take a bite of food, you end up with acid reflux.”

Miller noted that one of the greatest risks with the waist trainer is regarding the lungs. The trainer can compress the lungs and make it difficult to breathe. This compression can cause less oxygen to make it into the blood resulting in low energy levels, potential for fluid to collect in the lungs, or even pulmonary embolisms. Miller notes that though the waist trainers have not been evaluated fully for medical concerns, they have been linked to trouble with the kidney and spleen.

“There have been some cases recorded of harming the spleen or causing trouble to kidneys.”

BET is also reporting issues associated with waist trainers claiming that users can experience minor discomforts such as chaffing to serious organ issues. Therefore, it seems that Princess Shyngle’s issues could be the result of her extended use of the waist training garments. Despite the concern, numerous celebrities have endorsed waist trainers as a way to achieve a desirable waist without exercise. The Kardashians and Jenners have posted numerous photos wearing the devices and touted their benefits to their millions of fans.

Do you think Princess Shyngle’s kidney problems are likely a result of her excessive waist trainer use? Did you know that waist trainers could cause kidney, heart, lung and other gastrointestinal issues?

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