Kanye West Vows To Release Three Albums This Year — Avoiding Kim Kardashian Divorce Drama?

Kanye West must want to live in his studio indefinitely. The controversial rapper announced that he has two more albums planned for 2016 and wants to release three albums per year thereafter, according to Billboard. Who knew Kanye was so prolific? Fans are wondering if West’s lofty goals are just an excuse to stay busy and away from his wife, Kim Kardashian, as divorce rumors have become a daily occurrence.

On Saturday morning, Kanye tweeted his new work plan and it sounds like he’ll be in the studio nonstop, pretty much forever.

“No more fashion calendar… I’m going Mad Max… 6 collections a year…3 albums a year,” West tweeted. Kanye has been incredibly active on Twitter since just weeks before releasing his first album of 2016. The Life of Pablo rapper has shared so much on social media lately that many have even expressed concern over Kanye’s mental state.

Fans got excited when Kanye began posting more on Twitter in January, then the often-confusing tweets turned into an all-out war between Kanye and Wiz Khalifa. The two rappers were able to end their social media battle amicably just in time for both of their albums to drop, causing some to wonder if the whole thing was a publicity stunt in the first place. Kanye never really backed off from his endless tweets, continuing to share whatever happened to be on his mind at the time.

Apparently work was on West’s mind on Saturday because it wasn’t long ago that he announced another 2016 album, tentatively titled Turbo Grafx 16, in tribute to his favorite video gaming console. Don’t be surprised if the album title changes before it’s released just like The Life of Pablo, which was previously called Waves, Swish and before that, So Help Me God.

In addition to his vow to release three albums this year, and every year according to reports, Kanye also said that he would no longer be releasing CDs. That seems to be a smart move since most music fans nowadays stream their music or download it onto an electronic device. It was only a matter of time before compact discs went away just like the cassette tape and the eight-track.

Some fans are wondering if Kanye is promising multiple albums and spending so much time in the studio as a way to escape his wife, Kim Kardashian. According to Hollywood Life, Kanye West’s marriage to Kim Kardashian is on the rocks. They claim that things are so bad between Kim and Kanye that they aren’t even sharing the same bedroom right now.

Apparently, Kim and her famous Keeping Up With The Kardashians family are tired of Kanye’s crazy antics. Multiple reports claim that Kim’s family want her to go ahead and start the process of divorcing Kanye now. Are the Kim Kardashian divorce rumors true? Rather than address her relationship with Kanye, Kim has opted to divert our attention with some pretty adorable pictures of Saint and North lately. Not to mention the nude selfie that turned into a raging debate on slut shaming.

On the other hand, Kanye posted a picture of himself and Kim looking pretty serious and somber with the caption, “Mood.” Could that have been a hint from Kanye on the current status of his marriage? Either way, it’s pretty clear that Kanye is definitely putting work before pleasure with his commitment to three albums and six fashion shows a year. Is Kanye trying to stay busy in order to avoid his crumbling marriage to Kim Kardashian or is he just trying to put out more music than prolific rivals like Future and Drake?

[Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]