Ben Affleck’s Mom ‘Furious With Jennifer Garner’ For Shaming Son In ‘Vanity Fair’ Divorce Talk

Jennifer Garner’s recent interview with Vanity Fair has left Ben Affleck’s mother, Christine Anne Boldt, fuming, several reports allege.

According to sources, Jennifer’s comments in regard to her marital problems with the actor are not sitting well with Ben’s mother, who is puzzled as to why Garner would publicly exploit her issues with Affleck for the world to know.

Ben and Jennifer have made endless headlines since the twosome announced their divorce last year. The scandal involving their former nanny, Christine Ouzounian, certainly didn’t go unnoticed as several credible reports claimed the alleged affair went on at the couple’s home in California.

One of the main reasons why Jennifer supposedly wanted to do the interview with Vanity Fair simply came down to the fact that the 43-year-old actress needed to set the record straight on certain allegations, one insider gushed.

While many would agree that the interview was rather positive, Affleck’s mom sees things completely different, reportedly convinced that Garner is out to publicly damage Ben’s reputation in Hollywood.

“Chrissie’s really devastated by this and worries that Jen’s getting caught up in the fame game again and going for headlines by throwing Ben under the bus,” a source revealed. The insider would go on to stress that the Vanity Fair interview came just as “Jen made a promise to both of them that she’d protect Ben’s image no matter what.”

Christine allegedly thought that Jennifer Garner even mentioning the nanny scandal was inappropriate and distasteful, especially since the couple have been trying to make things work between one another. If the duo really wants to work on their marriage, the last thing they would have needed is Jennifer publicly referring back to the infamous affair.

“Yet here she is talking about the nanny affair and how she tried to make it work,” a source continued, adding that Christine is saddened by the actions of her daughter-in-law since Jennifer Garner has never been the person to dish her private matters to the public.

Ben’s mother and her reaction to Jennifer’s recent interview with Vanity Fair come just one week after it was alleged that the twosome were still living together. Affleck is said to be sleeping in the bedroom right next door from Jennifer, who agreed to the idea of having the actor stay in their house in the hopes that the two could work out their differences and give their marriage one last chance.

Jennifer, who has been married to Ben for over 10 years, has publicly admitted that giving up on a marriage that has lasted over a decade is anything but easy, especially since she still loves her husband just as when the couple first got together.

It becomes evidently clear that Affleck’s recent actions, including his alleged gambling addiction and supposed cheating affair, are to blame for the abrupt marriage downfall, making it hard for Garner to overlook things that have happened in the past.

But with reports claiming that she is willing to give the relationship another shot, Jennifer still has faith that what she shares with her husband can still be saved.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]