MH370 Debris: Did South African Teen Find Evidence Of Missing Malaysian Plane?

Imagine walking along the beach in Mozambique when suddenly you see something out of place. As you get closer you notice it is a big piece of metal. You grab the debris, take it back home, and forget all about it until you hear about a person who found a piece of MH370 that was found in Mozambique. Suddenly, you remember what you found and now it hits you that you too may have found a piece of the mystery of MH370.

Liam Lotter and his family were on vacation in Mozambique in December. Liam tells the story of how he stumbled across what may be debris from MH370.

“We stumbled across what seemed like a curved sort of gray object. We didn’t know what it was at first.”

Liam and his cousin grabbed the debris and brought it back to the beach house that their family was staying at. Family members believed that the debris was part of a boat. When the family sailed back home to South Africa, the metal debris was taken with them. The piece of metal was stored and forgotten about.

“We stuck it in the back of the boat. So we take this thing, and when we got back we stored it in a storage room where we put all our outdoor stuff.”

Liam’s uncle came across the story of Blaine Gibson. Gibson was visiting Mozambique when he came across a piece of a plane. At the time, he was unsure if it belonged to MH370.

“It never occurred to me that I would find something like this here. It’s almost like a dream. I don’t know if it’s from 370 or another plane. Whatever it is, even if it’s not from 370, it raises awareness that people need to look for stuff on beaches.”

The plane piece that Gibson found has been taken by authorities for further analysis in order to determine if it came from MH370.

BREAKING: Mozambique unveils suspected MH370 debris

— Manila Link (@TheManilaLink) March 3, 2016

Reading about what Gibson found in Mozambique triggered the memory of what Liam found. Liam’s mother contacted authorities in South Africa and Australia to inform them that they may also have a piece of debris from MH370. South African aviation officials have stated that they will be picking up the debris that Liam found later this week. The debris will then be sent to Australia where aviation officials will study it in order to find out if it came from MH370. The piece Liam found may make it very easy to confirm or deny if it came from MH370. According to Liam, the debris he found has a very distinguishing feature on it.

“You can actually see the serial number and code.”

On March 8, 2014, Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 took off from Kuala Lumpur and was headed to Beijing. The Malaysian plane vanished from civilian radar about an hour after it took off. Military radar was able to determine that the plane had changed the planned flight path. Satellite data showed the plane had last been seen over the Indian Ocean. It was eventually concluded that MH370 was lost at sea and the 239 people on board have all been presumed dead. What happened to the Malaysian flight is quickly becoming one of the greatest aviation mysteries of all time.

The mystery of what happened to MH370 has been captivating people all over the world for the last two years. Do you think that these two pieces of debris found in Mozambique came from MH370?

[Image Via AP Photo/Wong Maye-E, File]