Lauren Bushnell: Rumored ‘Bachelor’ Winner Could Already Be Broken Up With Ben Higgins

Lauren Bushnell has been tapped as the winner of this season The Bachelor, but rumors indicate that she and Ben Higgins may not have much of a future together.

[Warning: Potential Bachelor spoilers ahead]

This season was one of the most nerve-wracking in recent memory, with Ben Higgins having an incredibly difficult time picking between Lauren and JoJo Fletcher, who he also had very deep feeling for. Higgins exchanged “I love you”s with both women — breaking something of an unwritten rule on the show — and viewers were left wondering which woman he would pick.

The Bachelor spoilers have been clear all along, however. Since before the show even debuted, insider Reality Steve pegged Lauren as the winner of this season. But there is growing evidence that they may be having a happily ever after, and increasing rumors that Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell may already be broken up.

Celeb Dirty Laundry has been banging the drum the loudest, reporting that Lauren is breaking off the relationship with Ben over his lingering feelings for JoJo.

“Just because Lauren Bushnell receives the final rose and is the Bachelor 2016 winner does not mean that she and Ben Higgins will have a lavish Bachelor wedding – several sources are reporting that Lauren and Ben have broken up, and Bushnell has called off the engagement.

“Ben Higgins broke a cardinal rule by telling Lauren Bushnell that he loved her, they usually save that for the final rose ceremony. So, naturally Lauren was moved by his profession of love, and the flight attendant was certain that she was the only girl for Ben.

“So, you can imagine how furious she was when she watched the show and realized that within 24 hours after Ben told her he loved her, he told Jojo Fletcher the same thing!”

Lauren Bushnell may have her own secrets contributing to the rumored tension with Ben. Last week, In Touch Weekly reported that Lauren hadn’t been honest with Ben about her past.

“Lauren isn’t the girl Ben thinks she is,” a source told the outlet. “She’s really been playing up the wholesome girl-next-door thing on the show, but Lauren has things in her past that she’s not proud of, and she’s keeping it from Ben.”

The source added that Lauren has a “hard-partying past” and loves to drink.

It’s not entirely clear what the future holds for Lauren Bushnell and Ben Higgins. The networks seems to have high hopes, as Ben has already been invited to appear on this season of Dancing With The Stars. That would seem to indicate that Ben and Lauren are together at least for the short term.

Lauren has also stoked rumors by a series of Instagram photos taken by a professional photographer, which led fans to believe it may have been the leftovers from an engagement shoot with Ben.


A photo posted by Lauren Bushnell (@lauren_bushnell) on


A photo posted by Lauren Bushnell (@lauren_bushnell) on

And Ben Higgins has spoken positively about his decision, showing no public signs of wavering from Lauren Bushnell.

“Looking back now it was hard and there’s not always a clear answer for [what’s] right and wrong.” he told Life & Style. “[But] I have to be confident in my decision. I have to be confident.”

If there is a future for Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell, then fans could find out soon. The Bachelor’s finale is Monday night, followed by the live After The Final Rose special in which Ben may reveal that he and Lauren have broken up. Though given the publicity circuit that Bachelor couples typically go on, the couple might be more inclined to keep a break-up under wraps for a few weeks.

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