Billionaire Driveway Battle Turns Caribbean Island Paradise Into War Zone, Accusations Of Hitmen And Firebombs

Two American billionaires, 62-year-old Louis Bacon, and neighbor, 72-year-old Peter Nygard, have been feuding over land surrounding their homes on a Caribbean Island. The dispute began over a shared driveway but escalated to accusations of hired hitmen, fire-bombing cars, and even murder. The two billionaires have been at odds for years and now everything is coming to a head in a lawsuit filed in Bahamian court on Wednesday. The lawsuit claims that Nygard hired hitmen to kill Bacon and to fire-bomb a pastor’s car.

The New York Post reports that a land dispute between two American billionaires has taken a potentially deadly turn. Louis Bacon and Peter Nygard have been at odds for over a decade over property located on a Caribbean island. The pair are neighbors, but began a long-lived feud over a shared driveway. Eventually the driveway feud escalated to the point that Bacon is now claiming Nygard hired hitmen to kill him in a sinister murder-for-hire plot over Bacon’s non-profit organization’s attempts to stop Nygard from expanding his home due to the “illegal dredging” of the sea bed to expand his property by extending the natural shoreline.

Peter Nygard
Peter Nygard seen at Fame and Philanthropy's Celebrates the 86th Academy Awards on Sunday, March 2, 2014 at The Vineyard Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, CA. (Photo by Arnold Turner/Invision/AP)

In the lawsuit filed by Bacon, allegations are made against Nygard regarding a murder-for-hire plot. Bacon claims that Nygard hired two hitmen, Livingston Bullard and Wisler Davilma, to kill Bacon and other colleagues from his nonprofit organization. The lawsuit includes testimony from Bullard who claims that Nygard offered them “two houses” and an unspecified “huge, huge amount” to get rid of Bacon. Bullard also claims that he was paid $20,000 by Nygard to fire-bomb a pastor’s car.

The pastor was a chosen target for the car bomb allegedly because of his ties to Bacon’s non-profit group Save the Bays. The organization filed to have Nygard’s property expansion halted over concerns that it would harm the Clifton Bay. The tycoon was accused by the organization of “illegally dredging” the sea bed in order to expand his property for the building project. The group filed for the expansion to be halted and the dispute has been entangled ever since. As a result, Bacon says Nygard wanted to kill him and others with the non-profit so that he could continue to expand his property at the expense of the bay.

However, Nygard says it is all untrue and that Bacon is paying the “hitmen” to give false testimony. According to a spokesperson of Nygard, Bacon “paid millions” to have these false accusations of a murder-for-hire plot.

“There is evidence that these convicted criminals were paid millions of dollars by Louis Bacon and/or his operatives in exchange for this false testimony. There’s also evidence that these convicted criminals offered to recant their false testimony if Mr. Nygard paid them a significant amount of money.”

Though the latest allegations are the most severe, the dispute has spanned a decade and included these highlight moments:

  • Nygard is accused of running a mini-brothel.
  • Bacon is accused of trying to float $67,000 worth of cocaine up on his property.
  • In 2009, a fire destroyed much of Nygard’s estate, and neighbors claimed Bacon was responsible.
  • Bacon previously filed a $50 million defamation suit claiming Nygard paid for a smear campaign against him including allegations of past KKK affiliation, racism and possessing terrorist weaponry.
  • Nygard is accused of doctoring a 2011 CBS report about the arrest of Wall Street mogul Rajat Gupta in which Bacon says Nygard superimposed his photo over Gupta’s face calling him a scam artist responsible for a “billion dollar scam.”
  • Bacon also claimed that Nygard paid protesters to come to the island and call him a racist.
  • Nygard allegedly spread rumors that Bacon was responsible for the murder of his house manager who died in a pool on his property in 2010.
  • Nygard claims Bacon installed “military grade speakers” on his property and blared them in his direction after pointing them towards his bedroom window.

What do you think about the billionaires Caribbean island land dispute? Can you believe a dispute over driveway repairs spiraled into allegations of a murder-for-hire plot?

[Image via Annie I. Bang and Ed Andrieski/AP Photo]