Sopan Deb: CBS News Journalist Thrown Down To Ground At Chicago Trump Rally, Police Officer's Boot Stepped On His Neck [Video]

Paula Mooney

Sopan Deb is the name of the CBS News journalist who was thrown down to the ground in Chicago after interviewing Trump supporters and Trump protesters alike. Deb was doing his job for CBS News when all of a sudden -- as seen in the attached video -- he was thrown down on the ground and had his neck stepped on by a police officer in order to restrain him.

"I have I.D. Press credentials I can show you."

As reported by CBS News, the journalist was simply the man behind the camera, before he became the subject of CBS News reports as well -- including many other publications.

Sopan was in the midst of the rousing and violent aftermath of the canceled rally on the campus of the University of Illinois-Chicago. It was on Friday, March 11, in Chicago when Donald Trump's supporters clashed with those who were protesting the Republican presidential candidate's planned presence. While Trump claimed the rally was canceled due to fears of not wanting anyone to get hurt -- that's exactly what happened when the canceled rally meant supporters and protesters would come in contact with one another.

As reported by CBS News, the tensions after the cancelation of Trump's Friday night rally were running high. Emotions were on the surface as Sopan captured the feelings of folks on both sides of the melee.

Deb soon enough found himself slammed to the ground -- and now social media is exploding with reactions to him being detained. He was accused of resisting arrest, however, the video footage from the CBS News journalist doesn't show any proof of Sopan resisting arrest.

On Twitter, Deb's name is bringing myriad reactions as folks online get a chance to view the video of the journalist being arrested.

"Another journalist 'detained' at a Trump rally. Much like the Time magazine photographer who was roughed up at another Trump rally. How many journalists are we going to feed the trolls before we remember the rest of the First Amendment?"
"Totally an abuse of power. Even journalists are not safe."
"I've never seen anything like what I'm witnessing in my life."

[AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast]