‘Better Call Saul’ Cameos Coming In Season 2: Confirmed

Better Call Saul cameos for Season 2 of the series have been revealed. Well, one has, at least. Since the Season 1 premiere of Better Call Saul, cameos from Breaking Bad characters have been virtually nonexistent. Fans of both shows have been itching to see familiar faces turning up in the spin-off series. According to Mashable, producers Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould during Paleyfest, in Los Angeles, revealed that fans’ cameo wishes will come true in the upcoming episode on March 14 (no spoilers!).

“The crowd at the Dolby Theatre audibly gasped during the screening of the Monday episode” when a certain character made his appearance, reported Deadline Hollywood.

Future Better Call Saul cameos were hinted at, but no clues as to what characters would show up were given. It is likely that the producers do not even know at this point what cameos they want to include in future episodes. Gilligan is more concerned with not “overdoing it,” says Mashable. Gould also stated his desire for the series to “stand on its own” until it was off the ground. This is likely why Season 1 contained no cameo appearances. The producers wanted to be sure that the show could succeed without riding on the coattails of Breaking Bad.

Better Call Saul crew at Paleyfest
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Better Call Saul‘s cameos are certain to be important to the story rather than being just gimmicks to satisfy fans. Gilligan talked about having “self discipline” in not casually including cameos and even had a perfect idea for one to occur in the Season 2 finale, but he was “talked out” of it and expressed that he was glad he changed his mind.

“[It] was a perfect opportunity for a cameo. It was an organic and logical possibility for a particular someone to show up, but we didn’t do it… I’m glad I got talked out of it, because it would have distracted from a very important thing we were doing in that moment. It killed me though. That would’ve been fun.”

Cameos in Better Call Saul can be fun to watch, but too many could spoil the originality of the series. So, even though fans have been clamoring for them, the show has been successful without them. Season 1 earned four Primetime Emmy Awards, three Writers Guild of America Awards, two Critics’ Choice Television Awards, and a Screen Actors Guild Award. In addition, season one’s premiere was the highest-rated in basic cable history, according to TV by theNumbers.

Another reason for keeping cameos low in Better Call Saul is that Gilligan and Gould do not really have an ultimate plan for where the story is going to go. They are choosing to remain flexible and allow the story to develop “organically.”

“One step at a time. I hate to say it, there’s no master plan,” Gould was quoted.

The creators want the evolution from Jimmy McGill to Saul Goodman to be a very natural one, one that develops over time, with events gradually pushing him into his eventual life of crime.

Cameos in Better Call Saul will likely more frequently occur as the series nears the end of its run. In fact, the Saul and Breaking Bad universes might even overlap in the end. This possibility was alluded to by Gould, but not stated outright.

“We kind of have these end points, but how we get from New York to L.A. is a big question. Sometimes we talk about it like the Transcontinental Railroad. We built half of it on Breaking Bad and now here we are starting from the west [with Saul] going back east. You kind of hope you don’t end up three states apart.”

So as long as the series continues to perform well, viewers may get to see many events that occurred in Breaking Bad, only from Saul’s point of view this time. In the meantime, fans who have been anxious to see a familiar face better tune in tomorrow for a surprising Better Call Saul cameo appearance.

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