Zayn Malik Gets A New Tattoo, Fans Call It ‘Ugly’

Zayn Malik just got a new tattoo, but wait, it’s on his head! Well, yes, as you know, Malik is sans his head hair these days, and probably he thought he wanted some art on that space. Whatever the reason may be, the fans don’t seem to be liking it.

Like I Would

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The tattoo is that of a bird, parrot possibly (Zayn lets us guess the references here), and has M.O.M inscribed on it. It’s not clear whether it’s temporary or permanent, but the unanimous take among fans was that it doesn’t really look that pretty. What do you think?

Several fans have also been speculating the meaning of the tattoo. Is it a tribute to mother Trisha? Or just short for Mind Of Mine, his new album? The caption to the picture, “Like I Would,” suggests that the tattoo may not be permanent, but he may also just be referencing the 17th track in his album?

???? #MindOfMine 25.3.16

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Zayn Malik posted a snapshot of the track list from his new album Mind of Mine via Instagram. The picture had a date: 25.3.2016, possibly the release date of the album. Kevin Paul, the tattoo artist who has inked several stars, says Zayn might just end up regretting his tattoo. Paul has tattooed Zayn’s ex band mate Harry Styles earlier. He criticized the tattoo on Zayn’s head, saying he might just regret it considering he doesn’t have any other tattoos on his head.

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The tattoo artist told the Mirror, “The placement is really bad, considering he doesn’t have any other tattoos on his head. I think he’ll end up regretting it and it would be hard to cover up without making the new design a lot bigger and darker.”

The artist did praise Zayn’s previous tattoos saying that the former One Direction singer has several great tattoos but this one is definitely not one of them, Daily Mail has reported. The Instagram post with Zayn’s tattoo comes after he posted a tracklist from his new album. The album has 18 tracks including “It’s You,” the track he debuted on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

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Zayn has not kept it a secret that the songs in his album have a lot of references to the times he spent with his ex Perrie Edwards (with whom he was engaged to be married), the Daily Mail has reported. He has also said that revealing what he felt via music was a sort of a therapy for him. “There’s always a fine line with that. I just felt like I needed to put myself out there a bit on that because it was a form of therapy for me, and it did help me get through some s**t.”

Well, if it works for Zayn Malik, then there is certainly no harm in doing it. But one wonders if the current tattoo had any hidden references to Perrie Edwards or the relationship he had with her. “So if it can help someone else at that time, then that’s cool,” he goes on to say.

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“It’s You,” the song from the album, was examined by the Daily Star, who said Zayn Malik has certainly not held back when it comes to indicating that the tracks in the new album might just be about Perrie Edwards. The way the song “It’s You” goes, it’s clear what he thinks about his relationship with her. “She got her own reason for talking to me,” he says in the song. However, he goes on to slam her in the next line. “She don’t give a f*** about what I need.”

What do you think Zayn Malik’s new tattoo means?

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